Poll says majority think strict gun laws in cities make no difference

A new survey reveals most people do not believe strict gun laws in big cities have any effect on retail crime. (Dave Workman)

Writing in an Op-Ed piece in the Reno Gazette Journal about so-called “ghost guns,” Gabriella Hoffman, host of the “District of Conservation” podcast made an observation that could be carved in stone: “As we head into the New Year, lawmakers should spend less time trying to strip law abiding citizens of their Second Amendment rights and focus instead on fighting actual crime.”

Hoffman’s comment comes on the heels of a report in the Washington Times about a new survey by the Trafalgar Group showing 47.1 percent of survey respondents think strict gun control laws in most major cities make “no difference” in the recent surge of retail crime and a stunning 37.3 percent think such laws make the situation worse.

Even more telling, the survey revealed 30.1 percent of Democrats think tougher gun laws make the retail crime situation “better,” but only 9.8 percent of Independents agree, along with a scant 7.3 percent of Republicans. An impressive 53.8 percent of Democrats don’t think the laws make any difference.

But Democrats as a party seem invariably attracted to new gun control schemes while Republicans have traditionally thought otherwise, and now increasing numbers of Independent voters agree. In the Trafalgar survey, 50.7 percent of Independents think tougher gun laws in big cities make no difference in retail crime, and 39.5 percent believe such laws make things worse.

What does that suggest? For one thing, it makes Democrats look farther out of the mainstream on guns, reinforcing already existing notions that Democrats are the party of gun prohibition. They earn that ignominious label for steadfastly supporting outright bans on modern semiautomatic rifles—currently the most popular rifle models in the U.S. today—and further restrictions on other firearms. Once the threshold is crossed between “regulating” firearms and calling for a ban on an entire class of firearms, you’re not a gun control advocate, but a gun prohibitionist. Anyone who remembers how the prohibition on alcohol worked back in the early 1930s can offer a forecast on how successful a ban on so-called “assault rifles” might be.

Yet, even in the fact of such polling data, Democrats continue pressing for increasingly restrictive gun control laws that don’t penalize criminals but only honest citizens.

Hoffman’s focus in her Reno Gazette Journal Op-Ed was on a law signed by Gov. Steve Sisolak earlier this year prohibiting so-called “ghost gun” components, and how a district court judge in Nevada “nullified key parts of the law earlier this month.”

While Democrats remain stuck in the mindset that the way to prevent armed criminals from committing crimes is to disarm their intended victims, the rest of America is moving forward. Increasing numbers of conservatives and independents have concluded the gun control experiment has miserably failed, and it is time to take a far different tack on guns, rights and the most effective way of dealing with a criminal element that has been given far too much slack and sympathy.


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