Garbage Poll: Fox News Claims Only 1% of Blacks Favor Trump

Fox News poll discussed. (FNC Screen capture)
Fox News poll discussed. (FNC Screen capture)

F&F Weekend co-host Tucker Carlson interviewed two prominent black citizens regarding a recently conducted FNC Poll. As co-conducted under the joint direction of Anderson Robbins Research and Shaw Research and Associates, Fox News put forth some rather interesting stats.

Fox News contributor, lawyer and rising Fox News star Eboni Williams, and the Director of Black Outreach for the Trump campaign, Ashley Bell, were queried by Carlson as to the wherefores and the whys of Trump pulling in a measly one percent of the black vote.

While Williams and Bell never directly responded to the poll results Carlson cited, it very well could be a good thing neither didn’t.

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As page 15 of the above linked poll cites, of the undisclosed number of blacks polled, the MOE (Method of Error) was a plus or minus of a whopping 9.5 percent. That a sampling margin big enough to drive a veritable Mac truck through.

By the way, whites polled were given an MOE of a mere 3.5 percent.

Yet another factor not mentioned during the F&F interview is that it consisted of a “random national sample of 1,022 registered voters.” Not “likely voters”… just registered voters. That’s a very weak mark against this particular poll.

To further weaken the credibility of this particular poll, there were widely varying MOEs depending on how those polled identified politically:

Democrats: +/- 4.5%
Republicans: +/- 5%
Independents: +/- 8%


But as far as Williams and Bell are concerned, they stuck to speaking of hard politics rather than fuzzy polls:

Williams said that in order to get a larger percentage of the black vote, Trump needs to speak about the issues and concerns in the black community, particularly employment, economic plight and criminal justice reform.

Bell agreed and added that Trump can begin turning around his numbers with African Americans by pointing out how Democratic policies have failed them over the years.

He pointed out that more African Americans were put in federal and state prisons under Bill Clinton than any president in U.S. history.

“The Democrats have been getting a pass,” Bell stated. “The Clintons are the ones that created the criminal justice problems that we have in this country.”

Williams said that Trump doesn’t need to get a majority of the black vote to win the election, but he does need to prevent Hillary Clinton from getting such an overwhelming percentage of the black vote.

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