A political stalemate Republicans can win

debt ceiling 2 uncle samIn a word…LIARS!

Barack HUSSEIN Obama, ‘Prince’ Harry Reid, and ‘Wicked Witch of La-Lafornia’ Nancy Pelosi are NOTHING but LIARS as they NOT the Republicans are the ones stonewalling ALL efforts to reach a compromise NOT only on ObamaCare, but on the government shut-down and on the debt ceiling as well. Everything the Republicans propose…every attempt at compromise the Republicans make…is met with a resounding NO from the Democratic controlled Senate…including the Republicans proposal to keep all things related to our veterans and military up, running, and funded…as these three miscreants continue to blame the Republicans for all the country’s woes.

Partisan politics and its worst and to say shame on the Democrats is putting it mildly.

And while Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner has said, “This isn’t some damn game… The American people don’t want their government shut down and neither do I,” there is a bright side to the shutdown as much to their dismay, the free-spending Democrats cannot spend our taxpayer dollars while the government is shutdown.

Score one for the good guys.

And at least now Speaker Boehner has shown some backbone for at the recent press conference after his unsuccessful meeting with Obama, Reid, and Pelosi earlier this week, he stated in NO uncertain terms that he and his fellow Republicans in the House have NO intention of “rolling over” to the Democrats demands…demands that he is wise enough to see through as the Democrats bloviations that they will be willing to have “meaningful negotiations” on ObamaCare AFTER…I repeat AFTER…Republicans agree to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling is pure unadulterated nonsense that only the most gullible would fall for.

Thankfully, Boehner is NOT stupid enough to believe all that nonsense because once the general budget is finalized and the debt ceiling is raised the Democrats have absolutely NO reason to negotiate on anything dealing with ObamaCare…let alone on anything else for that matter.

And if House Republicans dared to accept what Obama calls a “clean” debt limit increase free of any policy conditions it would be over…over NOT only for the Republican party itself but over for ‘We the People’ as well for Obama and his Democratic cohorts would have free reign to tax, spend, and drive our country further into debt…a debt that would take generations to pay off…that is if it could ever be paid off at all.

“If we’re going to raise the amount of money we can borrow, we ought to do something about our spending problem and the lack of economic growth in our country,” Boehner also said at the same recent press conference.

And how right he is even as some Republicans…RINOS all…are considering acquiescing to raising the debt ceiling, Obama continues to bloviate for anyone who will listen that acquiescing is indeed the Republicans “only way out” of this mess…while in reality it’s a mess of his own doing…and that Boehner must let the bipartisan House majority vote on a bill to reopen the government…but that it must be a bill that wouldn’t affect his precious ObamaCare.

But that is a NO go and must remain so for ObamaCare can actually be used as leverage…a bargaining chip…in exchange for raising the debt ceiling. And this is something of note when considering raising the debt ceiling…the debt ceiling doesn’t stop us from borrowing more to pay for new spending, it just stops us from borrowing more to pay for old spending.

And using ObamaCare as leverage consists of taking it completely out of the general budget and having it as a ‘stand alone’ bill where the House Republican majority would be in control of its funding, defunding, or delaying of it…hopefully indefinitely.

So Obama can whine, whimper, and stamp his feet until he turns purple that ‘there will be no negotiations over ObamaCare’, but the reality is that if Obama allows our country to default on its loans under his watch, he would be finished politically as America has NEVER before under any president defaulted on obligations to pay its debt. Obama knows this and knows that defaulting would result in our economy slowing down…slowing down even more than it already has under his watch…interest rates would rise and NOT just by a few tenths of a point, already shaky consumer confidence would falter even more, the stock markets would take a major hit, and we might head back into a recession as our borrowing costs would rise to never before seen levels, as our standard of living plummets.

And that would be his legacy…and rightly so.

And if default happened, according to the Bipartisan Policy Center, 32% of the government’s entire spending would have to be cut immediately, because we would only be able to spend the cash on hand (around $30 billion or so) forcing the government to “prioritize” payments…meaning using the money it does have to pay for the things it deems really important and letting the bills for less-important things go unpaid for the time being. And with Obama what he considers priority spending is vastly different from what ‘We the People’ consider priority spending…like we consider Medicare payments for the elderly and paying our troops a priority while Obama considers funding for his loyal freebie and handout recipients more important than anything else.

And imagine the battle over priorities that would ensue over who got what little money there was at hand.

So knowing this Obama will indeed negotiate with Republicans at the 12th hour for the simple reason that he will have NO choice but to do so or else he will be forever known as the president who sent America into default…and his narcissistic self will NEVER allow that to happen.


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