Police Warn Parents That Child Services Could Be Called If Kids Play At Park In Violation Of Lockdown Order

These parents were caught in the act of being good parents taking their kids to play in the park. The problem was, they were apparently violating a government order that was forcing them to stay at home.

It looks like the COVIDictators up in Canada are at it again…

Man, do these people ever take a day off?

As we have seen, those “nice neighbors up North” have been pretty heartless when it comes to that novel coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China.

Is America headed for a recession?

The province of Ontario is currently in its fourth week of a six-week lockdown to “slow the spread” 15 months into 15 days to “slow the spread” and residents are getting quite restless. This was especially true a couple of weeks ago when there was some unusually beautiful weather in large swaths of the province.

On Sunday, April 18, two days after the provincial government issued a “Stay-At-Home” order, Tiffany Kotzma took her daughter to Havelock Community Center Park to play outside in the fresh air and sunshine. She wasn’t the only one there — several other adults and 11 other children also at the park. It wasn’t organized, it was just a small group of kids and parents who decided to enjoy the beautiful day.

The April 16 order banned all outdoor social gatherings and organized public events, except for members of the same household, or an individual who lives alone creating a “social bubble” with one other household.

The same order gave police additional powers to stop people who were outside of their home and ask for their name and home address and give a reason for why they weren’t in their home. Many police forces almost immediately refused to enforce the new order, but one police force did — the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP).

Well, the gathering of a dozen children and nine adults at an outdoor park was enough to get a visit from a couple of Peterborough County OPP officers because of the prohibited “social gathering” that was being held…outdoors. At a park.

As weird as that is, it was what one of the officers said that was absolutely stunning — that law enforcement had been asked to contact the Children’s Aid Society (CAS), which is the Canadian version of Child Protective Services, in “situations like this.”

Kotzma recorded the incident and posted the video to Facebook. Kotzma writes in her Facebook post, “Children need fresh air and dirt, and germs because it strengthens their immune system.”

In the video, officers are seen approaching a group of adults who are not wearing masks (while masking up outdoors is not required under the provincial orders, the COVIDictators recommend that people wear masks outside and maintain “social distancing”) and tells them that they received a complaint. (Snitching on neighbors is encouraged by the Ontario Solicitor General.)

One officer tells the parents that they are there to “educate” and not to “lay a bunch of tickets,” but that’s still an option if parents continue to flout the Stay-At-Home order. He asks them to give their names and date of birth. Kotzma is heard saying, “we aren’t doing anything wrong,” and “I don’t feel like I need to give my information.”

The officer then says, “for some of these situations we are being asked to call CAS to advise them.”

It was all too much for Kotsma and the other parents.

“Threatening to call CAS because of neglect is little over the top,” says Kotzma.

The officer admitted on the video that the last time he contacted CAS the response was, “at this point, we are not getting involved.”

One of the heartbreaking things in this video is that one parent says that their kids were “keeping to themselves” at first because they’re “not accustomed to being with other kids.” That’s not normal, you guys.

Watch what the OPP said to the parents:

Despite the CAS telling the OPP that they don’t want to get involved, a Toronto.com article notes that there is no specific guidance to report parents who are not obeying the Ontario COVID diktats. But the OPP, well, they’re standing by their commitment to reporting parents to CAS for “neglect” for disobeying ridiculous government orders like masking their children outdoors or forcing them inside on a beautiful, spring day.

In an email statement, the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services says its top priority remains the health, safety and well-being of children, youth and families in Ontario, including those who are involved with the child welfare system. That being said, the ministry “has not provided specific guidance to children’s aid societies to report parents who are not complying with the current stay-at-home order.”

Meanwhile, Peterborough County OPP say they have an obligation under Section 125 of the Child and Family Services Act. The act requires every person who has reasonable grounds to suspect that a child is or may be in the need of protection must promptly report the suspicion and the information upon which it is based to CAS.

Joe Ayotte, community safety and media officer with Peterborough County OPP, says police liaise with CAS to discuss any situation, and it is not necessary that police are certain that the child is need or may need protection.

“We are in a public health pandemic and stay at home order. Public health encourage social distancing and wearing masks,” he says.

“If a parent is making a decision for a child that is not consistent with this, then we may continue to liaise with CAS on a case-by-case basis.”
Source: Toronto.com

This story seemed to slip by most news agencies’ radar, but there was a moment in the Provincial Legislature on Wednesday that brought it back to the forefront.

Belinda Karahalios, a Member of the Provincial Parliament (MPP) of a newly-formed right-wing party, New Blue Ontario, asked if it was normal for the OPP to harass parents, spy on families, and report their actions to the CAS.

Take note of the response by members of the Progressive-Conservative government…

…they completely ignored the question while spouting off the same sort of public health mumbo-jumbo that Fauci, Walensky, and the CDC vomit out at regular intervals. It’s appalling!

Imagine in a place like Canada, you could have the police report you to child protective services for taking your kid to a park and letting them play with other children. Un-dirty-word-believable!

No wonder those crazy Canucks are holding their flag upside-down near the U.S. border and flashing S.O.S. over Niagra Falls!

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