Police state: Ohio man jailed for 13 days…You’ll never believe why

Jordan-Wiser-300x126In the world of lunacy, zero tolerance policies are king.  An Ohio man who was training to be an emergency medical technician was arrested after police conducted an illegal search of his car.  In his car they found a stun gun, which is legal to own, locked in the glove box, Air Soft guns and a pocket knife.  They found the pocket knife in his EMT jacket.  Pocket knives are not standard equipment but are common for EMTs, as they sometimes need to cut the seat belts to free an accident victim.  For the knife, he was arrested and jailed for 13 days.

Jordan Wiser was an eighteen year old EMT student at Ashtabula County Technical and Career Campus in Jefferson, Ohio.  His two passions in life are self-defense and public service.  Wiser makes videos, he posts on YouTube that include self-defense, law enforcement and video games.

Free Patriot added:

Wiser was then arrested and convicted.  As a result, he ended up spending 13 days in jail.  But that’s not all.  He has been expelled from school and his conviction will prevent him from becoming an EMT, which was to be his stepping stone onto the fire department.  He also liked the idea of joining the army, another vocation from which he could be locked out of due to his conviction.  (After all, who would want an M16 in the hands of a maniac with a cheap Walmart pocket knife?)

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