Police stands back as violent liberals assault Trump supporters, allegedly told ‘from the top’ to stand down

Violent liberals in Minneapolis assault Trump supporters
Screengrab: Fox 9

Last Friday, GOP nominee Donald Trump held a fundraiser in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that attracted the usual mob of violent left-wing protesters.  As we reported, radical leftists attacked Trump’s motorcade and assaulted supporters.  But the situation is even worse than first known, according to a report at PJ Media.  On Friday, Debra Heine said that while there was a strong police presence at the private event, officers held back and some attendees said police told them they were under a stand-down order that allegedly came “from the top.”

Heine reported:

Twin Cities News Talk TCNT morning hosts Andrew Lee and MN state Senator David Osmek took calls on Monday from attendees who also said that the police seemed to be holding back. One male attendee claimed he was told by more than one officer that law enforcement had been ordered to “stand down” — and that the order had “come from the top.”

The first caller, Carol, said that as attendees were leaving, they were urged to use alternative doors because the protesters were  by the front doors. Because it was raining outside, she wrapped her autographed Trump sign in her sweater so it wouldn’t get wet.

“When we came out on the sidewalk, there weren’t any protesters,” she said.  But it didn’t take long for the mob to figure out what was happening. “We were ambushed,” she continued. “They came running at us — I was grabbed. Women with bandannas over their noses and mouths screamed obscenities at us.” She noted that she didn’t see any police in the immediate area.

Here’s audio from that program:

There’s more.  According to Fox 9, no arrests were made in connection with the assaults:

So far, no arrests have been made in connection with anything that happened either inside or outside the convention center. Minneapolis Police say three police reports have been filed, two by people who say they were robbed and one involves alleged damage that was done to the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Some Trump supporters also say police declined to intervene and stop the confrontations. However, Minneapolis Police told Fox 9 on Sunday that no stand down order was given.

Here’s a statement from the Minneapolis Police Department:

 3 reports of criminal activity have been filed with the Minneapolis Police Department regarding a political rally at the Minneapolis Convention Center on the evening of Friday, August 19th. Police are investigating a “robbery of person” where a cell phone was taken, an “assault” where a person had souvenirs ripped out of their hand, and a “damage to property” report after someone spray-painted graffiti on the convention center itself. At this point, no arrests have been made as the MPD continues to investigate.

The majority of protests were peaceful throughout the evening and minor disruptions to traffic were handled without incident. Late in the evening, after the candidate left, Minneapolis Police Officers provided approximately 50 escorts for those who attended the event. However, we understand there were some attendees who left without escorts who were the subject of intimidation and abuse. The MPD is currently looking at video from some of these incidents.

Any rumors or reports that officers were told to “stand down” are false.

All told, the MPD had dozens officers working at, or near the convention center throughout the evening, including patrol officers from the 1st and 5th Precincts, members of the Bicycle Rapid Response Team and officers in the Mounted Patrol Unit.

If there are people who would like to file reports, we encourage them to visit the 1st Precinct (19 North 4th Street) and inform officers of crimes that may have been committed that evening. We also encourage people who may have video of these actions to provide them to 1st precinct officers for review.

But several have said they were told by officers nothing would be done, based on orders they had received.

One person, identified as “Henry,” said it “literally looked like the movie ‘The Purge.'”

Heine added:

Henry said the second they walked out the door, the protest thugs grabbed their souvenirs and signs, ripped them up and threw them in their faces. And they spat on them. Henry said that there was a guy in a lime green jacket and another guy with a green backpack who were particularly bad.

He said when he turned around, one of the (over 50-year-old ) women he was with was being pushed and shoved and spat on by a black girl. He saw another guy spray paint a woman from the top of her head down her back.

Incredibly, while all this was going on, they were “surrounded by police,” according to Henry. “They were in a circle, just going with the flow.” He said he had a woman at one arm and they tried to stay tight together. “As we were stepping off the curb, the guy with the lime green jacket grabbed my name tag and threw it on the ground and started stepping on it,” he said.

“That’s when I said, you know what? No one steps on my name. I said I’m not leaving here without my name tag. So I bent down to pick it up, and they started stepping on my hand, spitting on me, pushing me — they pushed me good enough to hyper-extend my knee,” Henry claimed. “It felt like 20 seconds but it was probably not more than 10 seconds, and I said out loud, ‘I’m not leaving here without my name tag.’ Then I heard an officer in the background say, ‘let him pick it up,’ and as soon as he said that, they just released. They just backed up. It felt like it was coordinated,” Henry exclaimed. “It was so bizarre!”

Henry said he asked a bicycle officer, “Can’t you arrest” the thugs.

“Don’t you think I want to?” the officer reportedly told him.  “Our hands are tied.”

Henry further said that when he went to the First Precinct to file a report, he was informed that officers had been told to stand down.  Worse yet, he said the order allegedly “came from the top.”

He later went to the station with a witness and photos to help with the case, but was told it’s “a dead issue.”  And, Henry added, the officer said, “That’s from the top.”

Welcome to Barack Obama’s fundamentally-transformed America.


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