PODCAST: “Terrorist Cop” Morty Dzikansky Describes “Orchestrated” Hamas Attacks & Atypical Street “Riots” from Israel on WABC’s “Cats at Night” with John Catsimatidis

Morty Dzikansky Interview | Cats at Night with John Catsimatidis | May 12, 2021

With one minute and 30 seconds to reach the bomb shelter if rockets hit, terrorism expert Morty Dzikansky, now residing in Central Israel, joins John Catsimatidis on WABC’s Cats at Night with guest hosts Lidia Curanaj, Kevin McCullough, Monica Crowley, and Dick Morris to discuss the current crisis in Israel.

They also discuss the ransom being paid by Colonial Gas regarding the pipeline hack.

Israel under attack: 8-year-old girl collapses while running for shelter in Holon/BTNews

Dzikansky — a retired NYPD Homicide Detective, First Grade, and Terrorism Awareness and Training Specialist — was posted in Israel from January 2003 through September 2007 as the first NYPD Intelligence Division Overseas Liaison to the Israel National Police. He has authored two books, Terrorist Cop and Terrorist Suicide Bombings: Attack Interdiction, Mitigation, and Response, written numerous policy papers, and is frequently consulted as an expert on terrorist suicide bombing cases.

While Dzikansky does not specifically make the analogy himself, he describes the spontaneous but “orchestrated” Arab uprisings, which have spilled into the streets nationwide, as reminiscent of the 1929 Arab Pogroms/Farhood, as well as the 1930s Kristallnacht (“Night of the Broken Glass”) in Nazi Germany.

Israel has experienced a week-long barrage of thousands of Iranian-backed rockets and missiles from Hamas/PIJ (Palestinian Islamic Jihad) terrorists across the Jewish State. This, combined with national eruptions of domestic terrorism from the Israeli/Arab sector, has stretched to capacity Israel’s National Police force, which is comprised of 30,000 men and women. According to Dzikansky, the current siege on Israel is conceivably part of a “grand-plan” attempt to undue the progress made in the Middle East by Biden’s predecessor, President Donald J. Trump, with the Abraham Accords.

Burnt vehicles in Lod/Michael Goiberg

A house in Ashkelon that was hit by a rocket

A house in Ashkelon that was hit by a rocket/Walter Bingham

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