Planned Parenthood to pro-abortion libs: Pray for more dead babies

plannedparenthood118Those who oppose abortion primarily because it goes against their religious views are known to pray for an end to abortion.  Planned Parenthood officials in Ohio want prayers as well, but not for an end to abortion, Life News reported Wednesday.

Instead, they want supporters to pray for more abortions, meaning more dead babies and more women traumatized by abortion.

Life News added:

As this Planned Parenthood announcement indicates, the abortion corporation wants people to join an abortion activist who is calling for prayer in response to the state’s refusal to expand Obamacare, which funds abortion and sends taxapayer dollars to the abortion giant. Planned Parenthood seeks people who think their religion calls on them to pray for “reproductive health,” which is a euphemism for abortion.

The Planned Parenthood announcement says:

Ohio faith leaders will culminate a week of prayer on issues that affect all Ohioans on Thursday. Join Planned Parenthood supporters and faith leaders from across Ohio at a Statehouse prayer rally.

It continues:

Moral Mondays was started in North Carolina by Rev. William Barber, head of the state NAACP, to protest that state’s failure to enact the ACA’s Medicaid expansion and other policies that were “morally indefensible,” including attacks on women’s rights. Recently, Rev. Barber put out a call to spread the movement to other states with a week of actions at the end of August. This week of action provided an opportunity to focus on issues relating to civil rights and social and economic justice.

“We are greatly concerned if anyone prays against protections for unborn children in our state,” Katie McCann, Director of Communications for Ohio Right to Life, told Life News.  “We hope that the spirit of prayer will move them to join us in protecting the innocent, and we ask Ohio and the country to pray with us for Planned Parenthood and their change of hearts regarding the value of human life.”

Let’s remember, the people putting on this event are the same type of people who chanted “Hail Satan” in the Texas capitol, and the same people who once lobbied for post-birth abortion.

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