Planned Parenthood Officials Across America Face 12 Years in Prison

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undercover-planned-parenthood-videoAs more details about Planned Parenthood’s (PP) selling of baby parts come out, the more possible charges they face.  Planned Parenthood came out swinging, claiming they have done nothing illegal.  Let’s dispel the spin before we move on.  The claim PP is putting forward is that they are donating body parts with the mother’s permission.  They claim they do not charge for the parts but do accept reimbursement for shipping costs for the parts.  If true, they would probably not be guilty of any crime.  The problem is, PP is lying.

PP doesn’t ship the parts to its buyer, StemExpress.  StemExpress is on hand and takes the parts with them.  Therefore, claiming that PP is only being reimbursed shipping costs is obviously false according to the Center for Medical Progress, the group that produced the video.  PP also says that the video is heavily edited.  The full unedited version is available here and does not clear PP of wrongdoing as they claimed it would.  You can see the unedited version here.

StemExpress is a privately owned company that has been in business for five years and describes itself as a multi million dollar company specializing in body tissue for scientific research.  StemExpress has refused to answer any questions and have taken their website offline ostensibly for maintenance.  Kinda peculiar timing don’t you think?

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