Planned Parenthood Commits Medicaid Fraud…No Penalty

med fraudWhen contractors commit fraud by improper billing, they are cut off from further government contracts.  The lone exception appears to be Planned Parenthood.

Apparently, they are allowed to steal at will as long as they don’t get caught and when they do get caught, they are allowed to reimburse the money without admitting guilt.  It is literally impossible for me to document all the fraud perpetrated by Planned Parenthood across the country but I will give you a few examples.

TEXAS: Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast charged the government for 87,000 procedures or prescriptions that were never given.  The total amount was believed to be about 6 million in fraudulent charges.

The suit was brought by Abby K. Johnson, a former director of one of the Texas clinics.  The turning point for Ms Johnson was when she saw her first ultrasound and could no longer deny the image was a baby and not a “fetus.”  She became a Catholic and went to work for an anti abortion organization and the lawsuit soon followed.

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