Planned Incompetency Imploding America From Within

incompetence shhhh coverOK folks…we need to get something straight and the sooner people realize it the better off we’ll all be…Barack HUSSEIN Obama is NOT stupid, clueless, or misinformed about foreign or domestic issues. He is NOT making errors out of incompetency…he is in fact doing exactly what he planned to do…to calculatingly and with malice implode America from within…and doing it at the expense of our military…and doing it without admitting who America’s real enemy is.

First case in point…our military. America’s military is the greatest fighting force the world has ever known. Without the ‘Greatest Generation’ rescuing Europe and taking down the Japanese Empire almost 70 years ago, those of us who survived would be speaking German or Japanese today. And while our military has seen many highs and a few lows in the ensuing years NOTHING has affected them more in such a negative way than their very own Commander-in-Chief…Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

inmcompetence fistAnd know that when our military is made weak…as Barack HUSSEIN Obama is NOT only trying to do but is doing…the very heart of our nation’s first line of defense is forcefully being imploded from within. NEVER in our nation’s history has a president so blatantly worked to dismantle our military while at the same time allowing the militaries of America’s enemies to grow stronger…nor have we ever had a president deliberately rendering our military impotent to protect those currently fighting the enemy…to protect those risking their lives to keep us safe and free at home.

First, Obama’s cutting of our military’s numbers to levels NOT seen since the days leading up to both WWI and WWII (cutting the U.S. army to pre-WWII levels and the U.S. Navy to pre-WWI levels) leaves us vulnerable in NOT only the theaters of war but here at home as well. Cutting our defense budget to dangerously low levels (in fact, the Pentagon’s 2015 budget was based upon stable or declining military commitments NOT being allowed to take into account funding needed to fight terrorist groups like ISIS, Khorasan, and al-Qaeda) is the actions of a fool at best but more like the deliberate actions of one trying to leave us open and venerable to enemy attacks. And Obama’s forcing our troops to fight with their hands tied behind their backs (to win the “hearts and minds” of the enemy instead of killing the enemy before they kill us)…surely brings into question whose side this man is really on.

imcompetence tomahawk missisleQuestionable…traitorous…actions from a man who has knowingly and oh so happily run down our stocks of much needed weapons on the first night alone of bombing raids against ISIS in Syria by wasting…YES wasting…47 of our Tomahawks missiles on bombing raids on what he knew were empty warehouses and long evacuated training camps. Wasting them in an effort to inflict NO more harm or damage than politically necessary for him to ‘save face’…this waste equates to 47% of the planned 2015 Tomahawk purchases…purchases forced to be cut by at least half due to Obama’s mandated and dangerous defense cuts…cuts that will completely eliminate Tomahawk missile purchases by 2016. And the enemy on the receiving end of these cuts rejoices in the fact that our troops are forced to face the sad reality that their very own Commander-in-Chief is indeed their biggest enemy while at the same time being America’s enemies biggest supporter and friend.

From announcing to the enemy our dates of withdrawal…to loosing the peace after George W. Bush had won the war…to deliberately trading five extremely dangerous Taliban terrorists for one American traitor…Obama’s actions speak louder than any of his words spewed, excuses made, or blame he tries to place on others. And lest we forget that Obama has cut our nuclear arsenal from 5,500 to 1,550 warheads without getting any such concessions from either Russia or China…while at the same time willingly allowing Iran…the very country that refers to our beloved America as the ‘Great Satan’ and wants to wipe Israel of the map…to move forward with its nuclear ambitions.

incompetence obama nd islamSo our military…both overseas and at home…is indeed being betrayed by the man who most likely prays to allah five times a day.

Second case in point…islam. America is indeed at war with islam…all of islam…for as Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan says…what he as a practicing muslim says…is that “…Islam cannot be classified as moderate or not…Islam is Islam.” And how right he is for moderate islam is NOTHING but a misnomer…a fabrication made up by the media…the very media who has betrayed the public trust in favor of aiding left-wing politicians who are trying to hide the truth that even they in their own hearts know…a truth that there are indeed those out to kill us all and doing so in the name of islam…shouting allahu akbar as heads roll.

And as ‘We the People’ know the enemy is indeed islam we know where our fighting forces are truly needed…but we also know that Obama’s decisions and actions will always align with the wishes of America’s enemies. So what does Obama do when American troops are needed to fight ISIS…he declares that U.S. ground troops are NOT an option he will use in fighting ISIS but instead he will send 3,000 American troops to West Africa to ‘play doctor’ of sorts…to ‘play doctor’ to a tune of one billion of our taxpayer dollars.

incompetence ebola“But there’s no – there’s no intent right now for them (our military) to have direct contact with patients,” Defense Department spokesman John Kirby claims.

Hiding behind the facade of bravado and rhetoric, Obama claims…like we can believe anything he says…that our brave warriors will be used solely in a logistical NONE military way. Deliberately choosing to expose our troops to one of the most deadly diseases known to man…deliberately choosing to expose them to Ebola (with the thought of culling America’s military herd perhaps)…Obama has made yet another decision that is an affront to those who wear the uniform of our country.

And when you really think about it, by Obama’s sending our troops into a known biological ‘hot zone’ he is engaging in a type of stealth jihad against the homeland, because he is deliberately using our own troops as possible carriers to help infect fellow Americans when they return home.

NOTHING…absolutely NOTHING…can be put past a man who voraciously rids our military’s high command of its top generals during a time of war and then replaces them with yes-men of his own choosing…yes-men who will do his bidding of inflicting as little damage to our enemy’s wares and who will kill as few of the brethren as possible…as few as possible of those to whom Obama’s allegiances lie..allegiances we know lie with islam…the anything but religion of peace.

incompetence generals firedAnd with his knowing that our military is America’s last hope of restoring our country to the rule of law known as the Constitution…short of an armed insurrection by ‘We the People’ that is…Obama actively seeks a military loyal to him instead of to the Constitution. Firing nine senior commanding generals (to date) who did NOT agree with his war plans or who did NOT tow the Democratic party line…bringing the number of officers including admirals, generals, and individual ship commanders fired to over 200 since 2009…Obama, according to retired General Paul E. Vallely, is destroying our military in favor of building “his military.”

And these are truths the media cannot hide try as they may. And when you add in his current affronts against our military NO words to the contrary could ever negate his actions…actions including his current ineffective bombing raids over Syria that have allowed ISIS and radical islam…ISIS and islam I should say…to remain strong and grow even stronger with each passing day. And all this is unfolding exactly according to his well-calculated plans…while he still tries to shove down our throats the crap that islam is a religion of peace…just saying…just sighing.

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