Photos Taken Moments From Merkel’s Famous G7 Image Paint a Different Story – Media Won’t Report This

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In case you missed it, German Chancellor Angela Merkel posted an image of her scowling and seemingly defiant at the G7 Summit while President Trump sat with arms crossed, taking the tongue-lashing from other world leaders.

It quickly went viral, an image of Germany’s version of Hillary Clinton taking down the bully in Trump.

Is that what really happened though?

A series of photos from photographers for other world leaders seem to paint a different story, one in which the President of the United States was actually dictating the conversation while the leaders around him listened intently, even laughing and smiling.

First, the Merkel photo …

Clearly, Merkel is leaning in, aggressively pursuing her agenda while Trump sits, his arms crossed, having to take it all in.

In fact, the Guardian reports that “therapists often tell you this is very defensive body language” and that must be the case here “because he is always defensive, because he is as thin-skinned as a fontanelle.”

Other images from around the same time or moment reveal a different story, however. A confident President standing firm in the face of an obstinate group of leaders, even holding court in a manner as to entertain those around him.

This isn’t Trump looking weak or being badmouthed by Merkel or others around him, it’s Trump controlling the room.

Funny how, in mere moments, the scowling faces changed to ones brandishing smiles, laughing at whatever Trump is saying at the moment. It is hardly the contentious meeting the media had portrayed.

Here are various other official photo releases from the same exact meeting, including the White House which shows every world leader circling the President, clearly the center of attention.

And a couple more which show Merkel and Japan’s Shinzo Abe hanging on President Trump’s every word.

Funny how the American media didn’t post many of those other angles and images. Funny how the Merkel image, a frozen moment in time not at all indicative of the reality of the situation, became a viral sensation.

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