Peaceful Richmond Rally a Victory For the Second Amendment

Lobby Day in Richmond, Virginia, was a real victory for those supporting the Second Amendment. The Democrat state leaders and the Democrat media tried, as usual, however, to paint us with lies. Smears based on the lie that we who support the Second Amendment are violent.  They tell horrific lies about us.

There was not one case of violence in the Richmond Lobby Day demonstration.

Violence is on the Left: Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and abortion. The murder of babies.  I repeat: violence is on the Left, and this may soon include violence against law abiding Virginia citizens who refuse to surrender their Second Amendment rights.

Part of my intelligence work involves specialization in how the Nazi Party took power in Germany.

The Nazis, like all totalitarians, always try to provoke a crisis. Then after the crisis occurs they use it to grab power. In a time-frame estimate, I was a little ahead of the schedule, because I thought that on January 20th the Northam thugs might try to provoke violence while people were caged in the containment fence.

Provocation and violence from the Left did not happen yesterday, but sooner or later the Democrat Virginia state government thugs are going to proceed to achieve their objective of disarming citizens. The Democrat small majority government may try to provoke violence, or they themselves become will violent and falsely blame the violent event on us.

In Germany, February 1933, a few weeks after Hitler became Chancellor, the Nazis burned down the German parliament and blamed it on the Communists. The Nazi’s used that fire as a pretext to grab authoritarian power and then abrogated the rights and freedoms of the German people.

The Democrat Party today in America, has the same mindset, in terms of both the use of government power against its law abiding citizens, and in terms of gun confiscation.

Gun confiscation was so important to the Nazis, that they promulgated the law…  that gun owners would surrender their guns within 24 hours or be executed.  We are not at that stage in Virginia, because the power of the citizens and in fact the rest of the country, against the Democrat government there is strong.

And while Northam and his Democrat group claim they want 18 people to carry out gun confiscation, in reality they want 1,800.  And will do everything or anything to get it.  Violence is on the Left.


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