It Pays to Advertise

1300449408218367781Florida teacher, Stevie Glasspool, was arrested for soliciting sexual relations with at least four of her students.  She was using Facebook  to solicit sex from boys from age 15 to 17.  She sent them messages such as, “I don’t want you to fall in love with me but I don’t want you to hit it and quit it either.”, and  “your body is amazing,” “I wish you were single,” “I have marijuana for us to smoke”, or the ever popular, “you will be graded on your performance.”

Next time someone tells you it doesn’t pay to advertise on Facebook, you’ll know better.  Her antics with her students was uncovered when the parents of one of the boys, saw the racy messages.  After that came to light, three more boys came forward and police believe there could be more.  She was fired from Mavericks Charter High School in May, after she missed work on days she was afraid she’d be caught sending the boys messages.

Glasspool, then went to work for Hollywood Academy of Arts and Science Charter School until her arrest.  Hollywood Academy of Arts and Science Charter School issued a statement that they do full background checks on all teachers and said that they notified the parents of her new students and there were no objections.

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So my question is this, where the hell were all these teachers when I was in school.


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