Patriotic JROTC Student Questioned, Wrongly Accused of Threats

jrotc student

In the current political climate of fear, one JROTC student at a Florida High School (not Marjory Stoneman Douglas) was called into the Dean’s Office after being accused of posting a threat on social media. But he did not do what he was accused of doing. Now he is concerned that his friends will be afraid of him because he is a supporter of arming teachers to prevent school shootings…and he owns a gun.

Here is his email to us:

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“I was called to the deans office today and had a talk with the school resource officer about being accused of threatening to shoot up my school on social media. I told him I would never have done something like that and I offered to let him search my phone.

He went though all of my post that I have posted and when he was done someone called him and it was a teacher from another school in the area. He was asking about me I didn’t hear the conversation but the deputy said that he was talking to me right now. When he hung up he said that after going through my phone and talking to me he didn’t see anything wrong but he had to do it because he is required to when someone reports it.

He said that since I was wearing my JROTC shirt he asked if I wanted to go into the military and I told him I want to go into the United States Marine Corps and dedicate my whole life to my country. He said that he didn’t want to mess up my plans for my life, but I need to watch out what I post on social media.

Also I was accused to having harassed and bullied a girl on social media but I didn’t. I posted 2 things concerning a girl and one was a happy birthday post because she asked me to and another one was for thanking a person helping me with homework. I did post some post about how a good guy with a gun is the only person who could stop a bad guy with a gun and that we need to arm teachers, but I was very specific saying that we should do it to stop people from getting killed.

After that he said he knew the 2 JROTC instructors from the past and he told me if I had any questions about the military to ask him about it. I am not mad at the officer and he was very respectful and understanding and just had to make sure that something wasn’t up because he told me he is responsible for protecting the school.

I am not mad at the officer the point that I’m mad about is that a student from ——- high school saw these post who doesn’t even know me and talked to a guidance counselor and reported it to the recourse officer at my school. And the second was a teacher at —– high school. I don’t know how he saw it because teachers aren’t allowed to follow students. They called it disturbing behavior about my post I guess because I was pro gun and wanted to train and arm my teachers so they could put shots on target before they could kill a lot of people instead of being anti gun and wanting to ban guns.

I was really disappointed with this and now people are gonna be afraid of me at school because they are gonna think I’m a ‘school shooter’ instead of the nice funny guy I really am. I don’t know who exactly reported me but as mentioned before I know where they are from.

I never intend on hurting anyone unless they try and hurt those I care about. I talked to a close friend of mine and he even said  ‘ **** you’re the kind of guy that would hang himself [rather] than shoot up a school.’

I don’t like to fight I try to avoid violence. The problem I have is people who don’t even know me think just because I have a gun I am dangerous and violent. I go to —–High School in —– Florida. I don’t think the school resource officer did anything wrong, but all of these liberal pussys for lack of a better term think that if someone owns a gun they are gonna try and hurt people. I hope you can make this get out to the public, and spread the word that Patriotic American citizens that follow the law and would never do that are being search and questioned at school.”

This is why the left wing narrative about gun control is a bad one- just because someone owns a gun does not mean they are potential shooters. The hysteria fomented by liberals affects us all at one point or another. This young man’s experience could become the situation for many, so heads up!

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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Facebook photo: Screenshot of JROTC students in a rifle competition 2013.

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