Patriot Guard Riders robbed of dozens of U.S. Flags, equipment

A Patriot Guard Riders group in Texas honoring military members was reportedly robbed of dozens of U.S. flags as they prepared for a funeral procession taking place on Friday.

The San Antonio Patriot Guard Riders discovered on Thursday that a thief had taken flags worth over $700 and tools from an equipment shed that had been removed, KSAT said.

KSAT reported:

The San Antonio Patriot Guard Riders are often seen escorting caskets and standing guard at funerals of fallen soldiers and veterans.

They are always giving back to families, and now they are asking for the public’s help.

On Thursday, as they were getting ready to be a part of a funeral service Friday, they noticed the window in their equipment shed was removed and the shed had been broken into.

More than 50 American flags and tools to assemble the flags were missing.

“When you take our flags it means we have to stand there without a flag or scramble and get some new ones,” ride captain Peter Johnson said.

The group has since filed a report with San Antonio police, in hopes of finding whoever stole them. The group has some flags left to get them through any upcoming services, but will eventually need to replace the ones that were taken.

“If you have any decency and patriotism, please bring them back,” flag captain Alice Wagener said.

Fox News reported that Jean’n Kristine Clark, posted on the organization’s Facebook page about the theft, said that at some point during the week, an individual “illegally entered the ‘SA PGR Guard Shack’ and removed without our knowledge or permission 59 American Flags” as well as “the tools we use to affix the flags to our poles.”

Clark furthered said on Facebook, “I have sad news for the SA PGR, after almost 3 years of gathering donations; we finally have our own equipment, stored in a safe location generously donated by Tony and Sheryl Stokely. Sometime over the past week, persons unknown illegally entered the “SA PGR Guard Shack” and removed without our knowledge or permission 59 American Flags (American Legion and NTX donated) and the tools we use to affix the flags to our poles when we need them. The PGR does not charge anything to veteran’s families or veterans organizations for our services, nor do we solicit donations for services rendered.”

“Currently we still possess 2-10 piece breakdown sets as well as 38 American flags on 10’ poles, we can continue our mission and community service for our veterans in spite of the adversity thrust upon us. Tomorrow I will file a police report, if you know of anyone that steals from a Veterans 501 c 3 or us specifically, please forward the information so I may provide it to the police,” Clark said.

“This breaks my heart, but not our spirit, and we shall carry on!”

Help a USAF Veteran in need by clicking here.

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