Pastor Abedini drops bombshell on Obama narrative: ‘Waiting for another plane to arrive’

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The Obama ransom (Bing free use).
The Obama ransom (Bing free use).

The chances of the Iranian hostages being released at the exact same time $400 million arrived are, well… astronomical. But that’s exactly what the Obama Administration wants the American people to believe.

Yet the narrative coming out of the White House just got stretched to the point of being held together on the microscopic level. Obama states the $400 million is simply a payback from a thirty seven year-old arms deal that never went through. However, former hostage Pastor Saeed Abedini is dropping a bombshell that strains Obama’s bounds of credibility.

As reported by Fox Business Channel and Newsax, while being interviewed by Fox’s Trish Regan, the long-jailed Christian pastor claims that he and the other American hostages were suppose to wait a mere 20 minutes before their freedom flight would take off.

However, Abedini states that minutes turned to hours. Many, many hours. When the hostages asked the reason for the delay, Abedini said they were told, “we’re waiting for another plane,” and until that plane arrived in Tehran, they would not be allowed to leave.

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The ex-hostage stated they all saw their aircraft sitting near the runway, but nonetheless, no boarding or departure until the mysterious “other plane” arrived. After spending the night in the airport, they finally took-off at 10 AM the next day. Yes, on the very same aircraft they watched all night parked near the runway, ready the entire time for take-off.

As reported by Newsmax:

Later, when Regan guest hosted “Your World” on Fox News Channel, Fox News anchor Bret Baier told her the second plane sounded like it could have been the cargo plane loaded with $400 million worth of euros, Swiss francs, and other foreign currencies.

“Talk about evidence of a quid pro quo or ransom,” Baier said. “This is circumstantial, but it does time up with what that man was experiencing on the plane. As you look at that plane sitting there waiting to go until the other one lands.”


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