Parole granted to 17-year-old who wanted to join ISIS, kill U.S. soldiers

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York Police Chief Andy Robinson
York Police Chief Andy Robinson

On Thursday, The State reported that a 17-year-old South Carolina teen who has been serving time for gun possession was granted parole, angering local police.  The unnamed teen, according to the report, allegedly plotted with a Muslim radical to kill U.S. soldiers and wanted to join ISIS.

According to Andrew Dys:

Police hope the FBI keeps tabs on the 17-year-old when he is released as early as Friday into the custody of state parole officials. The teen likely will have GPS monitoring and other parole conditions to include no Internet access.

York County Sheriff Bruce Bryant said he is “absolutely devastated” that the parole board would release the teen.

“This is a person who has threatened law enforcement, threatened military personnel,” Bryant said.

York Police Chief Andy Robinson twice has told the parole board the teen’s actions jeopardized the safety of not just York, but the state and nation. Robinson was “shocked” by the “surprising and disheartening” decision after parole board members had told the teen Monday that cooperating with police would be in his favor.

Wait — Police “hope” the FBI keeps tabs on this kid?  Really?

The teenager, who has been serving time in prison since April 2015, was denied parole back in February.

Officers lobbied to keep him in jail until, Dys said, “he cooperates with authorities and explains more fully his purported rejection of radicalism.”

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But the youngster claims he has changed his ways.  Nevertheless, he still refuses to tell authorities where he got the two guns he had when he was arrested.

Robinson, however, doesn’t believe the boy has changed his ways.

We are going to ask that the FBI keep tabs on him, because we don’t have the manpower,” he said, “or the capability.”

How radical was this kid?  Dys explains:

Police and prosecutors said the teen was involved in a plot that would have included robbing a gun store, then killing American soldiers in response to U.S. involvement in the Middle East.

In a joint federal, state and local police probe, investigators found an ISIS flag and evidence of social media and Internet contact with radicals, including the alleged plan with an unnamed Islamic radical from North Carolina to rob a gun store near Raleigh, N.C., then massacre soldiers.

Again Monday, the teen refused to divulge to the parole board where he got the guns and also denied being part of any plot. He also claimed he would not kill innocent people.

Police say there was a plot – and that the teen was arrested just a day before the plan was set to start.


Here’s a video report, courtesy of

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton wants us to believe Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism…



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