Paris Was Only a Test Says Former FBI Terrorism Expert


Eric O’Neill, a former FBI terrorism expert, told the Daily Caller that the attack in Paris was just a test.  ISIS just wanted to see if they could plan a random act of terror, put its various parts into place and then carry it out.  If they could, it would lead to more attacks.  ISIS has a seemingly endless supply of people who are willing to die.  What a shock it must be to these terrorists to find out they don’t really get 72 virgins and that they end up in a place hotter than any Arab desert.

“I think this was a test to see how well this could work in a city. Can we coordinate it? Can we effectively carry it out.  My sense is they are benchmarking themselves. They are going to see if this could be deployed somewhere else because if this was a test, then they passed.”

“The same test could have happened in a Washington, D.C. or New York, or Los Angeles and San Francisco, yeah, easily.”

This does not bode well for the United States because we are the ultimate target.  We have many large cities with packed venues and Obama as president.  And they are even less afraid of Hillary.  So what if she blows up their aspirin factory?  Their women are not permitted to have headaches anyway.

O’Neill was the FBI agent assigned to bring the notorious spy, Robert Phillip Hanssen, out from the deep cover he lived under and that lead to his arrest.  O’Neill was credited with gaining the confidence of Hanssen, which ultimately led to his arrest.  Hanssen is considered by most experts as the most damaging spy in US history.

O’Neill doesn’t think an attack on the United States will happen anytime soon.  He believes they are studying what went right and wrong during the Paris attack, in order to fine tune their planning for the next assault.  A second expert told the Daily Caller that he agreed with O’Neill’s assessment.  They both believe that ISIS has rejected the Al Qaeda model, which targeted significant targets such as the World Trade Center or the Sears Tower in Chicago.  Those places tend to be well guarded.  They believe that coordinated attacks in seemingly random targets offers the best chance of success.

The use of multiple random targets was to keep the police off balance as they made their way to their prime targets.  Although no one mentioned it, I believe ISIS will try to increase deaths by bringing a structure down upon the heads of unsuspecting victims, using explosives to compromise the integrity of the building.

And how is Obama dealing with the threat?  He’s bringing in 10,000 potential terrorists.


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