Paris massacre survivor recounts Islamic terrorist attack

Paris massacre survivor recounts Islamic terrorist attack
(Isobel Bowdery’s blood stained shirt)

A South African graduate from Cape Town recounts her survival and shared her story on Facebook of the horrors of the terrorist attack in Paris, France, as she faced Islamic terrorists with hundreds of other concert goers at Bataclan concert hall in Paris on Friday.

Isobel Bowdery, 22, the former Cape Town University student, played dead among the carnage and thanked the many strangers that helped her during the night and displayed her shirt that was stained with blood.

In her account, Bowdery said, “You never think it will happen to you. It was just a Friday night at a rock show. The atmosphere was so happy and everyone was dancing and smiling and then when the men came through the front entrance and began the shooting, we naively believed it was all part of the show.”

“But being a survivor of this horror lets me able to shed light on the heroes. To the man who reassured me and put his life on line to try and cover my brain whilst I whimpered. To the couple whose last words of love kept me believing the good in the world; to the police who succeeded in rescuing hundreds of people; to the complete strangers who picked me up from the road, and consoled me during the 45 minutes,“ said Bowdery.

Bowdery went on to say, “I truly believed the boy I loved was dead, to the injured man who i had mistaken for him and then on my recognition that he was not Amaury, held me and told me everything was going to be fine despite being all alone and scared himself.”

“To all of you who have sent caring messages of support – you make me believe this world has the potential to be better. To never let this happen again, but most of this is to the 80 people who were murdered inside that venue, who weren’t as lucky, who didnt (sic) get to wake up today and to all the pain that their friends and families are going through. I am so sorry. There’s nothing that will fix the pain. I feel privileged to be there for their last breaths.”

Read more of Bowdery’s story here.

Eight ISIS terrorists wielding AK-47s, grenades, and suicide belts, carried out coordinated attacks at six sites around Paris Friday night, killing over 130 people and wounding at least 352 others. And on Saturday, Fox News has learned that 72 hours before the Paris attacks, ISIS-linked social media account reveals ‘God bless you in your mission’.

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