Parent’s Outrage Over School’s Dress Code Ban of American Flag Gets Results FAST

Mike Hewitt, a concerned parent from Michigan, posted a picture of Roseville High School’s dress code as distributed in the school’s information packet for the upcoming school year.

The letter listed the U.S. Flag along with other items students were prohibited from wearing at school.

Photo of Roseville High dress code posted on Facebook by Mike Hewitt

In his post, he asked: “See anything wrong with this dress code? Join me in filling their email box with logic, common sense and a …. reminder.  ‘only a fool would let his enemy teach his children.’ – Malcolm X’.”

Within an hour the school had apologized, explaining that the statement should “have specified that the flag should not be worn in a demeaning manner.”

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Photo posted on Facebook by Heidi Lee Campbell

Shortly thereafter, Roseville school officials through its Facebook page, reassured parents that the school “has a long history of working with the VFW and other patriotic groups.  We should never ban the appropriate display of the American flag.”  Its post supplied a link to the school’s handbook

Photo posted on Facebook by Jennifer Culp

But compare the two lists. The School Dress Code on the left below specifies that “[f]lags shall not be worn in a demeaning manner.”  This encompasses all flags, and does not specify the American flag.

However, the letter distributed to parents deliberately changed the broad language concerning respect for all flags to single out only the American flag as a prohibited item.  How does such an oversight happen?

Photo of Roseville High dress code posted on Facebook by Mike Hewitt
Photo posted on Facebook by Jennifer Culp


The school board was quick to blame the “error” on apparent oversight in combining “several district and building policies”, updating the community’s website accordingly:

Screen grab on 8/3/17 from Roseville Community Schools website



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