Panic, Rumors, and the Truth About Ebola

ebola coverEbola…a word that strikes fear in the hearts of Americans yet it is a word that is being overblown by the media. Five cases here in our country does NOT a pandemic make, and remember NONE of the cases were contracted here in the U.S. The doctor and nurse who contracted the virus while in Africa were treating active Ebola patients, were transported home for treatment, and both survived and infected NO one. Now an American photographer is back home in Nebraska under medical supervision in isolation. All three came home in containment… isolated and in quarantine…and posed NO danger to others. However, the other two cases are a different story all together as both persons knew they had the disease before they came to our shores…before they came to our shores knowing that they could infect others.

ebola2 flying homeAnd while there have been dozens of ‘suspected’ Ebola cases around the U.S. in the past few weeks, all except the two mentioned above have turned out to be false alarms. False alarms because Ebola…while NOT easy to diagnose in its early stages because its initial symptoms like fever and headache can be symptoms of just about anything from simple flu to advanced malaria…is something the media loves to report on ad-nauseum…report on for the all-important ratings as they thrive on playing to the public’s fears…and of course report on to deflect attention away from Obama’s failed polices as the mid-terms approach. And while it’s important to know that there are some being isolated who could possibly have but most likely NOT have Ebola, erring on the side of caution to protect the population is wise as it takes a full day or more to get test results back from the CDC to confirm whether a person actually has Ebola or NOT.

So, the media either needs to tell the truth about Ebola or shut up as they are leading people to believe things about Ebola that simply are NOT true.

ebola7 factsCase in point…filling the public venues with stories of Ebola possibly mutating and becoming airborne is scare tactics at best and only serves to spread misinformation as the fact remains that Ebola is spread only through direct contact with the bodily fluids…vomit, semen, sweat, or blood…of someone who is symptomatic and ‘shedding’ the virus…meaning you would need to get their bodily fluids into a cut on your body or into your mouth, nose, or eyes. Ebola is NOT…I repeat NOT…airborne as it would first have to mutate in nature before it could do so, and very rarely do viruses completely change the way they’re transmitted. And there is NO scientific proof whatsoever that the virus has mutated in any way nor do the experts expect it to do so for Ebola is what’s scientifically known as a ‘whimpy’ virus as well as having a low reproductive rate (meaning the amount of people one sick individual is capable of infecting).

Being a ‘whimpy virus’ means the Ebola virus does NOT live long outside its host organism…just for a few hours on surfaces (like doorknobs, counters, and such) because oxygen in the air kills the virus…and for a day or two at most in blood or vomit that is NOT cleaned up right away. And if it is immediately cleaned up water itself will kill the virus as does chlorine bleach like Clorox or even Lysol spray. So there is little risk of contracting Ebola in ways besides coming in direct contact by the means mentioned above. And remember, half who contract Ebola survive as do the family members of those infected as Ebola is NOT that easy to catch NO matter the media scare tactics to the contrary.

APTOPIX Sierra Leone EbolaNow knowing all this it becomes quite easy to prevent an Ebola epidemic from ever reaching our shores…simply…NO one from the countries currently affected should be allowed entry into our country…period. That is NOT until this current epidemic burns itself out as has previous epidemics of Ebola over the years. Remember, viruses wax and wane as conditions feed it, and the conditions in West Africa are ripe for the virus to thrive. Ebola is a disease…to put it bluntly…of filth and unsanitary conditions and the countries it currently thrives in are some of the dirtiest most unsanitary countries on Earth. Some in these countries have NEVER taken a bath or shower in clean water or even brushed their teeth let alone know what toilet paper is. Their concept of cleanliness is diametrically opposite of ours and this mindset along with unsanitary practices allows Ebola…and other nasties…a constant replenishable supply of people to infect. When health care workers or their respective country’s governments clean things up a bit Ebola wanes only to return as old unsanitary habits resurface.

ebola3 path through bodyAnd I do NOT want to hear that my above remarks are racist in nature because those infected are for the most part African blacks for Ebola has NOTHING to do with race but everything to do with how people in that part of the world live. Ebola does NOT thrive or run rampant in Europe because of Europe’s high level of sanitary conditions and personal cleanliness both of which are NOT conducive for the virus’ survival. The same goes for the U.S. and other western countries. And the old saying, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” surely rings true in the case of Ebola.

Now none of this means that we should become lackadaisical in our attitude towards Ebola…we shouldn’t as it does have a high mortality rate, and while there is experimental treatments to combat the disease, for the most part right now palliative care is the only option to surviving Ebola. So, the only way to stay completely safe from Ebola is NOT to let Ebola come here…and that means NO air travel in and out of the countries affected and NOT letting residents of those countries come here…NOT for any reason whatsoever. And isn’t it more than a bit odd that just a few years ago there were strict quarantine rules and regulations regarding Ebola and other deadly diseases, but that the Obama administration relaxed or altogether did away with them in 2010.

ebola5 nurse in spain infectedAgain, as in the past, stealth jihad from the muslim in the White House comes to mind.

And so with Ebola having an incubation period of up to 21 days you NEVER know who from those countries might be harboring the virus and who is NOT. Case in point…a nurse in Barcelona, Spain, has now contracted Ebola after taking care of two priests…one who died…that were infected while in Africa and who came back to Spain and then got sick and infected her.

Realizing the danger because of the long incubation period both Air France and British Airways have temporarily suspended flights into West Africa. Also, many African nations have canceled flights and closed their borders to those from infected countries. And while these nations are acting proactively to protect the ‘health, safety, and welfare’ of their citizens, the Obama administration says it will NOT impose travel restrictions against those countries infected with Ebola but will add undisclosed “measures” to screen passengers arriving in the U.S. from overseas in an effort to contain the virus and prevent it from entering our country.

Feckless and ineffective measures put in place too late for the only way to prevent Ebola from ever gaining a foothold here is to temporarily stop all flights in and out of West Africa…period. And that means working with European nations to ensure that persons coming into their countries from the infected areas do NOT take connecting flights into ours. And this suspension of all flights must be done NO matter that Obama has said that he won’t shut down flights from affected countries. Saying this would be “counterproductive” and would severely restrict aid flights into those countries, Obama is again spewing lies as medical supplies could be dropped into the areas needing them…this time with workable parachutes unlike the aid packages he dropped for the Ysidi stuck on a mountain in Iraq.

ebola8 formAnd while Obama thinks ‘screenings’ will be successful in stopping Ebola he forgets or looks away to the fact that people will try to fool…and some will succeed in fooling…the screeners by loading up on ibuprofen or aspirin to lower their temperature to make it appear as though they are uninfected when in fact they are.

So like all Obama’s other failed policies this “measure” too will fail, and again it will be Americans on American soil who will die as his so-wanted ‘culling of the herd’ continues on..continues on as in can you say enterovirus…the little nasty that came in through our unsecured southern border… now that is something we do need to worry about.

RSP final final imageToday, Wednesday, October 8th, from 2 to 4pm on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media, Craig and Diane will be discussing the important issues of the day ranging from ISIS to Ebola to all things Obama and more.

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