Pandora under fire for endorsing Black Lives Matter after Dallas shooting

Pandora endorses Black Lives Matter after Dallas shootingOn Sunday, reported that the Internet radio service Pandora has joined Google, Microsoft and Twitter in endorsing the radical Black Lives Matter movement.

“We stand together. #BlackLivesMatter  #LoveAboveAll,” the company said on Twitter, with the following message:

“Our hearts ache for all those who unfairly lost their lives. We stand with marginalized communities. We stand for racial justice. We stand for equity. And we stand together to make this world a better place. #BlackLivesMatter #LoveAboveAll”

But the message, which came out AFTER the murder of five Dallas, Texas officers, didn’t sit too well with many:

Breitbart added:

Once again it seems that users don’t take kindly to tech companies pushing their political views on their userbase and further dividing their community by taking a stance on issues that do not relate to them. With companies such as Twitter adding Black Lives Matter emojis to their platform and other tech giants announcing their support of the BLM movement, it’s no surprise that a failing music service such as Pandora would attempt to jump on this particular bandwagon, but just as it did with Microsoft, it seems that this liberal pandering may backfire.

Facebook also jumped on the pro-Black Lives Matter bandwagon, going so far as to tell some users that posts advocating the murder of police officers do not violate their “community standards.”

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One can only hope this pandering to radical leftists will backfire…


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