Pamela Geller: Muslim posted death threat on Facebook page

thumbsdown-facebookOn Saturday, Pamela Geller, president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, said that a Muslim posted a death threat on her Facebook page even as the social media giant censors those who oppose militant Islamic jihad.

“While Facebook censors posts and comments about the Muslim invasion of Europe in accordance with Sharia law, Muslims issue death threats with impunity,” she wrote.

Here’s the threatening message, which is still live as of this writing:


That’s not the only message Muhammad left:



Got that? According to Muhammad, one must submit to his way of thinking or be killed.

We checked out Muhammad’s page (no, I won’t post a link here) and found that he has no friends and has made no posts.  This looks to me like it could be an account that was probably created for the sole purpose of trolling Geller’s page.

We reached out to Geller to find out if she reported the message to Facebook.

“Joe, I have reported many pages, threats and vicious antisemitism and I have been repeatedly told that it didn’t violate their community standards,” she said in response.  This is nothing new, as we’ve reported time and time again.

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Facebook typically responds by either saying the threats do not violate their standards or they simply censor the reports.

Maybe J.E. Dyer is onto something.  Maybe it’s time to “break” the Internet as we know it, starting with sites like Facebook.

Exit question: Does Michael Moore and Hillary Clinton approve of these messages?


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