Pair of glasses left on floor of museum mistaken for art

art-glasses-550x288Here’s something just a little different that tells us just a bit about our modern culture.

On Thursday, the UK Independent reported that a teen set a pair of glasses on the floor at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art this week, and managed to fool several visitors into thinking it was a masterpiece of postmodern art.

The Independent added:

“Upon first arrival we were quite impressed with the artwork and paintings presented in the huge facility,” TJ Khayatan told BuzzFeed. “However, some of the ‘art’ wasn’t very surprising to some of us.”

“We stumbled upon a stuffed animal on a gray blanket and questioned if this was really impressive to some of the nearby people.”

To test out the theory that people will stare at, and try and artistically interpret, anything if it’s in a gallery setting, Khayatan set a pair of glasses down and walked away.

According to the report, people soon began to surround the glasses, with several of them taking pictures…

And it’s not the first time this teenager has successfully pulled off this kind of prank…

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