Paid Black Lives Matter “Leader” to “Teach” at Yale

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deray_mckessonDeRay McKesson, Black Lives Matter leader and noted conspiracy theorist, has been given a job teaching at Yale.

Yes, THE Yale.  He will be teaching a class on “transformational leadership” at Yale’s Divinity School  (Wasn’t George Soros paying him enough?)

When I think of a divinity school, I think of a place where people of moral fortitude go to become educated before going into the ministry.  Now, I find out it’s a breeding ground for Reverend Al Sharpton clones.

Members of the press claim that McKesson is not a paid  racial arsonist but fail to explain where the money comes from for him and his followers to jet across the country trying to stir up racial tensions.  If you remember, Black Lives matter was up in arms about not getting their pay.

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