Over Half of Those Wanted For Murder by FBI Foreign-Born

The FBI has a list of 68 people wanted for murder — that falls under the jurisdiction of a federal crime.  Unsurprisingly, more than half — 37 of them are foreign born.  And remember, the FBI and DHS have arrested a ton of MS-13 gang members or the list would have been even more lopsided.

Twenty three are from Mexico,  five are from Central American countries, and two others are believed to be from El Salvador.  One of the suspects is wanted for the murder of a border patrol agent.

For many years, the federal government has not tracked gender-based crimes such as rape and honor killings.  This was not accidental or an oversight.  This was intentional to hide the vast number of illegal aliens who commit heinous crimes including terrorism.

President Trump has changed that and has made these reports public and released on a monthly basis.  Not surprisingly, the ACLU complained about that provision.  Tough noogies, ACLU.  There is a separate list that gives the number of illegals turned back onto the streets by sanctuary cities.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

You have to remember that crime could be slashed in this country simply by blocking illegal aliens from entering the country or deporting them when they are found.  Every crime committed by an illegal alien is one less crime committed in this country if they cannot enter.

Although illegal aliens are less than 2.5% of the population, in the federal prison system as many as 26% are illegal aliens.  So when liberals tell you that we need illegal aliens to do jobs Americans won’t, I’m assuming they mean rape and dis-figuration or even murder.  Not to mention the rape of girls under 10.

Here are some of the foreigners and their crimes, liste by Breitbart:

Jose Juan Chacon-Morales, a.k.a. “Camello,” (Mexico) is wanted for his alleged role in the 2009 ambush murder of United States Border Patrol Agent Robert W. Rosas. Chacon-Morales, a Mexican national, is one of five men charged in the murder and the only one still outstanding. Chacon-Morales allegedly conspired to ambush and murder the border patrol agent for the sole purpose of stealing his night vision goggles. Border Patrol Agent Rosas was shot in the abdomen during the struggle with his murderers. Once Rosas was wounded and on his knees, gunmen shot him multiple times in his head and back. Chacon-Morales is believed to have fled to Mexico.

Juan Laureano-Arvizu, aka Chaquetin (Mexican) is an alleged member of the former Arellano Felix Cartel (AFO) enforcement crew known as Los Palillos. Under command of the AFO, Los Palillos operated primarily in Tijuana. After the arrest of key AFO leaders, many fled to the U.S, where they began to operate as an independent gang with an established drug distribution headquarters in San Diego County. Laureano-Arvizu in wanted by federal authorities on various charges including murder; attempted murder of a police officer; kidnapping for ransom; robbery; attempted kidnapping; shooting at an inhabited occupied structure; attempted robbery; and conspiracy to commit kidnapping for ransom. Los Palillos was singled out as being allegedly behind the kidnapping, torture, and murder of nine people with Arvizu allegedly having taken an active role.

Victor Alfonso Argueta and Carlos Flores Garcia (El Salvador) are both members of MS-13 and illegal aliens from El Salvador–wanted for a 2006  double murder in Baltimore County, Maryland. They allegedly murdered their two victims by stabbing them multiple times because they thought they had flashed a rival gang sign at a club. Investigators revealed the two victims had no gang affiliation.

Gregorio Flores Albarran and Rodolfo Flores Albarran (Mexico) are wanted for their alleged roles in a 2003 quadruple murder at a bar in Clewiston, Florida. The two brothers are believed to have been the gunmen who shot five victims out of which four died in that bar. After the murder, the gunmen are believed to have fled to Mexico.

Francisco Alfonso Murillo (Mexico) is wanted in connection with a 2006 murder in Thornton, Colorado, over a pool game. According to authorities, Murillo allegedly shot three victims after a dispute tied to a game of pool–one of the victims died soon after.  Murillo is believed to have fled to Mexico.


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