Oregon Judge Under Investigation For Helping Illegal Evade Arrest

illegal alienJudge Monica Herranz is under investigation for aiding and abetting Diddier Pacheco Salazar, 22, in evading ICE agents at the courthouse who had come to arrest and deport him.  The law is very clear on this.  It is a felony to harbor, aid or abet someone who is wanted from law enforcement based on your political ideology.

What angers me is why the US Attorney has not filed charges after ICE informed U.S. Attorney Billy Williams of the situation. Although ICE agents decided not to pursue charges, I believe Williams should have overruled them.    Williams did accuse Harranz or one of her staffers of aiding in the escape.  She is being investigated internally, but it is Oregon, so the likelihood of her receiving an actual punishment is remote.

From The Mail Online:

Every courtroom in the Multnomah County Circuit Court has three doors – one for the public, a private judge entrance and one for inmates to be brought in from jail. 

Williams told KOIN the only explanation was that Herranz – who is on the board of the Oregon Hispanic Bar Association – or a member of her staff helped Salazar to leave through another door. 

ICE agents brought the matter to Williams after the incident allowed Salazar to evade the immigration officials.

Williams went on to say:

‘I felt that it was inappropriate and delegitimizes the work of ICE agents who are out there doing their jobs,’ Williams told Fox 12.

‘When you’re talking about the judicial system – whether it’s federal or by state – you have an expectation that people are going to abide by the law and not take steps based on their own motivations, their own politics.’

Salazar, a Mexican-born construction worker,  was charged on January 1 with a DUI and initially pleaded not guilty.

Herranz is being investigated internally by Chief Judge Nan Waller.


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