OPINION: If Trump Edges Clinton, Will Hillary Go Gracefully?

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Does anyone think Hillary will gracefully accept defeat tonight?

Polls have tightened.  There are signals that a surprise is in the offing.

  • The final IBD poll, historically the most accurate predictor of actual voting results, has Trump up by two points.  But no one is predicting how Republican turnout or how a “Trumpocrat” swing away from Hillary’s traditional groups like Hispanics and African-American voters may impact key swing states.
  • Nate Silver explains that polls are not to be trusted this year because of the abnormally high number of “undecideds” which increases the probability of error.
  • The Morning Consult/Politico exit poll shows that compared to 2012, twice as many voters this year claim to want a “strong leader” more than anything else.  The same exit poll explains voters overall are “less enthusiastic about the country’s financial situation” with 44 percent saying the country’s finances “are worse off today than four years ago.”
  • And then there’s this from The Washington Examiner:  “Most Hispanics back deportation, want immigration cap cut in half.”  Paul Bedard characterized the recent survey done for the Center for Immigration Studies as possible evidence of a secret Hispanic support for Trump. If true, that would impact many polls.
  • Even the Obama Administration is wary, taking a talking point from Hillary Clinton’s campaign to spin its fear of an upset as a Russian plot to hack the U.S. election results.

Then there are reports of unexpected voter turnout and long lines at polling locations across the nation indicative of an enthusiasm not seen in the 2012 presidential election when four million Republicans stayed home rather than cast ballots for GOP candidate Mitt Romeny.  “Nearly 90 million Americans are expected to vote today, in addition to more than 46 million who voted early or by absentee ballot.”   Problems in Florida, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Texas and Utah have liberal groups fretting and may provide grounds for legal challenges should Hillary Clinton lose tonight.

Which begs my question:  Does anyone think Hillary will gracefully accept defeat tonight?  Absent a Reagan-esque landslide for Trump in numbers so great that typical Democrat voter fraud and voting machine glitches could not change, expect Hillary The Corrupt to vociferously challenge an upset by Donald Trump.

The media ratings and drama throughout this election cycle have been too great for the mainstream press to simply allow a quiet, gracious ending tonight.  And the Washington Establishment, the power brokers inside the Obama Administration and many of Hillary’s foreign donors are counting on a Clinton win.  Her reputation — perhaps even her freedom — and careers of many connected with Hillary Email Scandal and the ongoing The Clinton Foundation hang in the balance.

Expect the mainstream media, already so deep in Hillary’s lap as to be obscene, to rally to her aid, to cast doubt on a Trump victory, and to beat the political drum for another Bush v. Gore legal redux, this time on steroids. In short, expect the unexpected tonight.


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Susan Swift

Susan Swift is an attorney, author, actor, and mother of 7 dedicated to saving civilization from the destructive forces of progressivism. A native Texan, Susan has enjoyed successful careers in film, television and law. She contributes regularly to conservative blogs Politichicks and CDN. In the book "Shut Yo' Mouth! How Liberals play the Race Card to Silence Conservatives and How to Stop It," Susan and co-author Kevin Fobbs make the convincing case that “white” is now the Left’s ultimate dog whistle for any conservative. Her children's books, Good Guys With Guns At Home, and Good Guys With Guns Abroad, introduce children to the "good guys" in law enforcement and the military who use guns to protect and serve. Follow Susan across social media @RealSusanSwift -- Her website: www.realsusanswift.com

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