Opinion: Question for Pelosi: If Trump ‘impeached forever,’ so is Bill Clinton, right?

Nancy Pelosi
Rep. Nancy Pelosi should remember that Bill Clinton was “impeached forever” by her standards. (Wiki)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was apparently having a good time rubbing it in Wednesday when she declared, “When someone is impeached, they are always impeached. It cannot be erased,” as noted by Fox News.

She was referring to President Donald Trump, the man Pelosi and her Democrat majority loves to hate.

But not so many years ago, another president was impeached. His name was Bill Clinton, a Democrat, so presumably Speaker Pelosi’s impeached-for-life principle applies equally.
Former President Clinton was impeached on Dec. 19, 1998 on charges of perjury (228-206) and obstruction of justice (221-212). He was acquitted on both counts the following February in the U.S. Senate.

Pelosi announced Wednesday that she would be transmitting the articles of impeachment after the House voted on the matter. It was almost a strict party line vote, with one Democrat defection—Rep. Collin Peterson of Minnesota voting against the resolution. Fox News reported no Republican defections.

The impeachment proceedings cranked up after Pelosi had been under increasing pressure to stop sitting on the articles and allow them to be transmitted to the Senate. Her effort to influence the Senate proceedings failed, as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stood firm against the California Democrat.

Democrats don’t seem to care about discussing Bill Clinton’s impeachment more than two decades ago. They’ve had their sights set on removing Trump from office since before he even took office. Talk of impeachment actually began on the day after the 2016 election that so many pundits had expected to go to Hillary Clinton.

The impeachment of Bill Clinton was no laughing matter 22 years ago. He’d been caught fibbing about his relationship with former intern Monica Lewinsky, and he’d been sued by a woman named Paula Jones. The allegations were the stuff grocery store tabloids are made from, and when the facts finally emerged in the Lewinsky affair, the nation was appalled and embarrassed at the activities that occurred in the White House. And, there was that semen-stained dress. So perhaps Pelosi should not gloat so much.

The entire affair became the grist for late night television jokes, but it was not humorous at all for Congress or the media.

And neither is the effort to impeach Donald Trump.


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