Operatives of Democrat-media complex: Waaah! Trump is only calling on conservatives!

Formerly known as "reporters," operatives threw a collective temper tantrum when Pres. Trump called on conservative outlets during a press conference with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Townhall’s Katie Pavlich asks Pres. Trump a question, sending alleged “reporters” into a collective meltdown.

Those who have read this blog for any length of time know that we often refer to the so-called “mainstream media” as the “Democrat-media complex,” primarily because it has become nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.  Those who write stories for the complex, formerly known as “reporters,” are oft-times referred to here as “operatives,” a title I feel is more appropriate, considering their blatant effort to undermine and destroy the Trump administration.  On Wednesday, operatives of the complex engaged in a collective hissy fit when President Trump called on conservative bloggers during his press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Translation: Waaaaaahhh!

Translation: Waaaaaahhh!

Translation: Waaaaaahhh!

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Do I need to translate this, or can you figure it out by now?

Translation: Waaaaaahhh! Sniff, sniff.

Translation: Waaaaaahhh!!

Twitchy was absolutely correct when it noted that the press conference wasn’t about Russia, it was about Israeli-Palestinian relations.

Still, the operatives sounded like they needed their diapers changed.

So instead of calling on unfriendly propagandists, Trump chose to call on people who really had questions pertinent to the conference.

And Townhall’s Katie Pavlich did a terrific job:

So did the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Which, of course, means that the complex didn’t get a chance to undermine Trump or misrepresent the conference with fake stories or questions that had no relation to the topic at hand.

As for the crybabies who didn’t get to ask a question: Suck it up, buttercups.  You’ve had your chance.  And you blew it.  Get over it.


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