Opening Bid For Hillary Clinton is 75.8M By Great Britain…Do I hear 85.8M?

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donthateme-672x372The British Government has been very busy since 2011 filling the coffers of the Clinton Foundation with 48,900,000 pounds equal to about 75.8 million in US dollars.  Of course we know it’s entirely innocent and they weren’t trying to buy influence using taxpayer money. Thirty million last year alone.

And pay no attention that the money was funneled through charities with ties to Hillary, rather than directly to the Clinton Foundation.  I’m sure there is a good explanation.  Perhaps they didn’t want to use two different devices.  What difference at this point does it make?

British citizens are upset at the politicians, including Gordon Brown, that diverted taxpayer money to the Clinton Foundation.  When you consider the fact that the Clinton Foundation only gives 13% of all donations to charitable uses, that means the Clintons will have almost 66 million to play with.

Some British citizens who don’t get the point try to offer the opinion that the money could have been spent better in direct aid.  Barmy blokes.

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