Ominous Green Lasers from China Temporarily Blind Filippino Ship Crew

US vows to defend Philippine allies

On February 6, a Chinese Coast Guard vessel aimed a military grade green laser at a Filippino patrol ship, temporarily blinding its crew. The incident in the South China Sea prompted the US State Department to issue a warning that due to a defense treaty, we would defend our allies from any attacks.  The Filippino ship was on a resupply mission for its troops on Second Thomas Shoal.

The incident took place on Feb. 6 when the Chinese coast guard ship beamed high-grade lasers to block the Philippine patrol vessel BRP Malapascua from approaching Second Thomas Shoal on a resupply mission to Filipino forces there, according to Philippine officials.

China claims the South China Sea virtually in its entirety, putting it on a collision course with other claimants. Chinese naval forces have been accused of using military-grade lasers previously against Australian military aircraft on patrol in the South China Sea and other spots in the Pacific. Fox News

Screenshot via Philippine Coast Guard


Second Thomas Shoal is in disputed territory in the Spratly Islands, where China has built a military presence.  China’s claim to the entire South China Sea was adjudicated in International court in 2016 and denied. The ruling stated that they have no right to the entire area, a ruling which they routinely ignore.

China defended their action with the green laser by saying that the Filippino ship entered Chinese territorial waters without permission. They claimed they responded, “professionally and with restraint at the site in accordance with China’s law and international law.”

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The Philippines lodged 200 diplomatic complaints against China over the South China Sea in just 2022 alone.

The Chinese official also accused the United States of intimidation after the U.S. State Department publicly backed the Philippines by reaffirming that an armed attack on Philippine forces, including those of its coast guard in the South China Sea, would trigger U.S. mutual defense commitments.

“The U.S. invokes its Mutual Defense Treaty with the Philippines at every turn in an attempt to intimidate China, but it will not weaken our resolve and will to safeguard China’s legitimate and lawful rights and interests,” Wang said. Newsweek

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr visited Beijing in January and stated that there was a mutual agreement to manage such disputes better. Such disagreements usually fall on deaf ears when it is in China’s interests to claim a territory.  The aggressive nature of the incident continues to raise tensions in the Asia-Pacific region.

More green lasers: “atmospheric monitoring”

As if this incident weren’t enough to make the Philippines nervous, recently a cascade of green lasers was filmed over Hawaii. According to reports, they came from a Chinese Daqi-1/AEMS satellite based on the trajectory of the lights.  It is claimed that they are using the lasers from the satellite to monitor air pollution, and map carbon emissions. The problem comes with the green lasers emitting from the satellite.

Screenshot- green lasers over Hawaii via National Observatory of Japan.

“China will produce a series of Daqi satellites in the future, which will be used to monitor atmospheric pollution, provide remote sensing data support for environment authorities, and also support scientific research into global climate change,” the March 2021 press release explained.

“Daqi-1 will be networked with other satellites, including Daqi-2, to realize greenhouse gas monitoring and help China achieve reduction of carbon emissions.”

It’s yet to be seen whether these green atmospheric detecting lasers may become more common as China achieves this goal.

Editor’s note (14 February 2023): A previous version of the story made reference to Daqi-1’s 1572 nanometer laser in terms of the discussion. To clarify, this laser wouldn’t be responsible for the green light. Science alert

China’s habit of lying comes to mind. China is one of the world’s worst polluters, no matter how much the government claims that the big bad United States has that title. And Hawaii isn’t the largest polluter of the air.  That they are working on “Climate change” or diminishing their carbon footprint is nearly laughable. We don’t buy it. Do you?



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