Oklahoma Bridge Shut Down After Being Struck by Barge (VIDEO)

ONE of the very basic and top tenets of any non-tainted criminal and counter-terrorism investigation commences with the following premise: there is NO such thing as coincidences! Full stop. Got that??

AS a serious investigative journalist/author working both criminal and counter-terrorism cases, well, there are particular signs and signals that warn: “hinky business” is at play! While some are subtle in nature, others are resoundingly audacious. In-your-face.

ALONGSIDE the aforementioned signs and signals, another critical imperative is “follow the money.” It is a skill-set which can be adjusted and adapted to whatever/whomever lies-in-wait — namely, by positing: who reaps the financial windfall? Indeed, regardless of how many shell companies are set up to bury the ill-gotten cash, this process of “money laundering” can be ferreted out by a highly skilled forensic colonoscopy. Been there. Done that.

 IN this regard, it makes TOTAL sense, that is, in the realm of criminal-counter-terrorism, geo-political machinations (principally, via a re-ordering by the Deep State of the global powers by eliminating America and the wider west) that one bridge would be hit after another….and so on and so forth. The collapse of America’s infrastructure is at bay.

ALAS, piggy-backing Baltimore,

along comes Oklahoma!!

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦

GATEWAY PUNDIT | By Cristina Laila | March 30, 2024

A bridge near the Kerr Lock & Dam in Sallisaw, Oklahoma was shut down on Saturday after it was struck by a barge.

“The Oklahoma Highway Patrol responded to Sequoyah County after a barge hit a bridge near the Kerr Lock & Dam,” reported.

“US-59 south of Sallisaw at the Kerr Reservoir is completely shut down at this time due to a barge that has struck the bridge. Troopers are diverting traffic away from the area. The bridge is going to be shut down until inspections of the bridge can be made,” Oklahoma Highway Patrol said on Saturday.

Engineers reportedly inspected the bridge and reopened it for travel later Saturday.

A shocked bystander who captured the collision on video dialed 911 to report the incident.


This is the second time in a week that a ship has struck a bridge.

Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed very early Tuesday morning after a container ship collided with a support column.

Several people who were working on the Baltimore bridge at the time it collapsed perished.

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