Ohio lawmakers send concealed carry reform legislation to Kasich

The Ohio Legislature has passed concealed carry reform legislation that expands the ability of legally-armed citizens to carry in more places. (Dave Workman)

Ohio lawmakers have sent legislation to Gov. John Kasich that would expand concealed carry to include college campuses, day care centers and other venues.

Anti-gunners are already arguing that guns on campus aren’t necessary, and they are using the recent car-and-knife attack at Ohio State University to support their argument, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. Slasher Abdul Razak Ali Artan was fatally shot by campus police officer Alan Horujko, who was nearby when the would-be killer attacked.

The newspaper reported Friday that, “Opponents of the bill argue Horujko’s quick response proves students don’t need concealed guns. Additional firearms would have only complicated the scene, they say.”

But what if Horujko hadn’t been within walking distance, and immediately responded? The newspaper noted, “Lawmakers initially banned concealed guns in these locations to protect children and students from gun violence, they say, so why permit guns in those locations now?”

Perhaps as a response to “knife violence?”

Kasich, who was a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, might have a chance to bolster his pro-rights bona fides by signing the measure.

Standing in opposition are the Ohio Association of Police and the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association, Fox News reported. However, the legislation is supported by the Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, the legislation only allows campus concealed carry by permit holders if the college board of trustees okays it. The same applies to day care centers, with approval by the operators.

“The House also removed a provision making concealed-carry permit holders a protected class under employment discrimination if they choose to keep guns locked in their vehicles on company property,” The Dispatch noted. “Business groups said that violated property rights and opened up a slew of liability issues.

“However,” the newspaper continued, “the House added language that no longer allows an employer to ban a permit holder from storing a gun in his vehicle while in a company parking lot. The Ohio Chamber of Commerce said it still opposes that provision. The bill also allows active military personnel with weapons training to carry a concealed handgun without a permit.”


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