Officials seal records, say they won’t release motive in Colorado Springs shooting

dear-1On Sunday, the Associated Press revealed that officials involved with the Colorado Springs shooting have sealed the warrants and will not not disclose why Robert Dear allegedly went on a shooting spree, killing three people.

The AP added:

Police say in a statement Sunday that they are sealing the warrants related to the case against 57-year-old Robert Lewis Dear. They say they are not providing information on the weapon used in Friday’s shooting, a timeline of events or a motive of the suspect.

That will continue to stoke speculation about what led to the shooting that killed a police officer and two other people. Dear is scheduled to make his first court appearance Monday afternoon.

The news was buried in an article about the three shooting victims.

Very little else was provided in the way of information, but the revelation already smacks of a conspiracy to some.

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“Come on, everybody. Relax. They’re just taking the time to make sure their lies jibe. That’s all,” one person wrote at The Blaze.  We found similar comments across the Internet.

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