Obama’s edict on transgendered students also gives males access to female living facilities at colleges

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king-obama-iiiEarlier today, we reported that the regime of Emperor Obama the Mad issued a decree that essentially orders schools to let boys use the ladies’ room.  But a quick look at the actual letter sent by the administration reveals more — much more.

On page 3 of the letter (which can be seen here) is this little nugget (Emphasis added):

Title IX’s implementing regulations permit a school to provide sex-segregated restrooms, locker rooms, shower facilities, housing, and athletic teams, as well as single-sex classes under certain circumstances. 12  When a school provides sex-segregated activities and facilities, transgender students must be allowed to participate in such activities and access such facilities consistent with their gender identity.

Let’s break this down.  Suppose a male student attends a public college that provides housing for students.  Suppose again, that male decides that he’s really a “she.”  Under the provision above, the college MUST let that student live in a female dorm.

Am I the only one who sees a potential problem with this?

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There’s more to this hideous edict, and we’ll break that down as well.

It’s quite obvious this is not just about bathrooms — it’s about control, and Obama’s deliberate efforts to destroy the fabric of the country.

Or put another way — “Fundamental transformation.”


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