ObamaCare vs. the debt ceiling…and the oceans might get to stay open

nobel failureObama’s one and only mission at this time…with the aid of the media of course…is to divert and deflect attention away from at least some of his many PR faux pas…faux pas like his ObamaCare fiasco…his dishonoring of our WWII vets by barricading the entrance to their memorial…his shutting down of American D-Day cemeteries and beaches at Normandy…his shutting down the oceans to fishing (NOT kidding with this one)…his closing of our open-air national parks and monuments…his locking down of privately funded museums and parks…his forcing people out of their privately owned homes built on federal land (YES, he’s actually kicking people out of homes they own outright), his having the DOJ shut down the amber alert system website, and of course his making sure that the upcoming debt ceiling debates will turn into one big free-for-all partisan face off.

But let’s NOT forget that Camp David is being kept open during the shutdown for the personal use of the ‘anointed one’ as are military golf courses in the DC and surrounding areas because poor stressed-out Obama needs golf to relax (gagging), while at the same time the Pentagon is cutting off sports coverage to hundreds of thousands of troops around the world as the Armed Forces Network has announced that “due to the government shutdown, the Defense Department can only provide limited overseas television, radio, print and web services.”

And yet amidst all this chaos VP Joe ‘Bite Me’ Biden has time to declare with much fanfare a proclamation for National Chess Week.

And if all that’s NOT enough now add in for good measure a bit of Obama’s famous narcissistic bravado…and the sure to follow photo ops and television bloviations we know are coming…as the in-his-pocket media floods the airways with the oh so ‘conveniently timed’ breaking news that after 15 long years our Special Forces…on Obama’s orders…have suddenly and miraculously ‘snatched’ off the streets of Tripoli, Libya, Abu Anas al-Liby, the man indicted in 2000 for his role in the 1998 bombings of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

On Obama’s orders to ‘GO’…yet he gave NO orders to ‘GO’ when our Benghazi compound was being attacked and where he sat back and callously watched four Americans die…as coming to the rescue in Benghazi would have been betraying those whose loyalties he really is aligned with…just saying.

And all this goes on while we still have NO budget.

Sickening isn’t it…and such is life under Obama’s wanted government shutdown. YES…Obama indeed wants this government shutdown NO matter his words to the contrary…and YES he’s using the shutdown to try to do everything possible to break the spirit of ‘We the People’ for it’s ‘We the People’ who are bearing the burden of Obama’s traitorous ineptitude and miserably failed presidency, while he blames Republicans and especially the Tea Party in the process.

But rest assured that while some might bend we will NOT break…especially we who are Tea Party members…sadly I can’t say as much for most of our Republican politicians in DC.

And as Obama initiates one ludicrous closing after another to test our fortitude, I can’t help but say at least a little something about one of the most outright in-your-face ludicrous closings of all as this ’empty suit’ president is now having National Park Service Rangers prevent anyone from fishing in Florida Bay until all federal employees come off furlough and go back to work. That means that Rangers who are NOT really accustomed to patrolling anything but dry land must now patrol more than 1,100 square miles of water from the southern tip of Florida’s mainland to the Keys until further notice…and Obama is spending our ‘taxpayer dollars on this complete and total foolishness when we are seriously running out of money to pay our bills.

But foolish things is what fools do…and sadly our country has a fool for a president who was elected by fools who only cared about getting their ‘free stuff.’

And yet there still remains one glimmer of hope…one way out of this mess…but it can only happen if ALL Republicans stand strong and united…as in RINOS shut the hell up…for the key to NOT only totally humiliating Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Prince Harry Reid, and Wicked Witch of La-Lafornia Nancy Pelosi, while at the same time killing the health care monster that bears his name…or at least sending it into NO funding oblivion…is the simple fact that NO budget for the upcoming 2014 fiscal year has yet been approved.

And with Obama wanting…demanding actually…that the debt ceiling be raised so he can borrow even more money from and be even more beholden to foreign governments…then the Republican trade-off for that MUST emphatically be to have ObamaCare pulled out of the general budget and made into a ‘stand alone’ bill* for a ‘stand alone’ bill is the key to defunding, delaying, and even doing away with this monstrosity of a health care bill that the majority of the American people do NOT want now or ever.

And while raising the debt ceiling has obvious pitfalls of its own…like giving Obama the opportunity to spend even more money thus adding fuel to the fire of our already out of control national debt…what most do NOT realize is that we actually reached the debt ceiling limit back in May. However, the Treasury Department then tapped into exchange-rate funds and by doing so was able to garner $303 billion in extra funds allowing us to NOT actually run out of money to pay our bills until the end of October.

(By the way there’s NO mention of debt ceilings in the Constitution, and many ‘democratic’ nations including Britain, Canada, Germany, Japan, Australia, and France have NO debt ceiling at all and function quite successfully.)

Yet Obama knows that if the debt ceiling is NOT raised that checks will soon start to bounce or payments to bondholders will be missed possibly causing global financial markets…markets that believed US Treasuries to be the safest asset in the world….to falter with some even collapsing. And NOT paying our loans on time to major bondholders…say to China…would make for some very unhappy bondholders. So to avoid this Obama will have to make some sort of deal with Republicans to assure that bondholders are indeed paid on time…and the only way to do that is to raise the debt ceiling.

What better trade off for that is there than the ultimate bargaining chip…ObamaCare.

Now if only Republicans would wake up and realize that this and this alone is the key to NOT only making ObamaCare go away, but is also the key to ending the government shutdown and for stopping the ridiculous closing of things that had NO business being closed in the first place.


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