Obamacare kills off United Health Care in Georgia, Arkansas

Obamacare kills off United Health Care in Georgia, Arkansas
Obamacare kills off United Health Care in Georgia, Arkansas

United Health Care (UHC), the nation’s largest health care provider announced on Friday, April 8, 2016, that is leaving the Georgia, and Arkansas heath care market due to the negative effects of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

Democrats passed Obamacare, the federal healthcare plan, without any Republican input in Congress in 2009, which has forced millions of citizens without health insurance to sign up or face a fine, has been a disaster since its inception.

United Health Care plans to not offer any health insurance plans in Georgia and Arkansas state in 2017 and was confirmed by insurance regulators in both states. A United Health Care representative, Tyler Mason, confirmed the exits and declined to say whether the company would drop out of additional states.

United Health Care stated that the reason was that it lost profits in 2015 and could no longer participate in either state. Other health insurers, Aetna, Blue Cross and Blue Shield also lost profits in such states as North Carolina.

Mike Bradley, of Bloomberg stated, “UnitedHealth and other insurers have found it difficult to turn a profit in the new markets created by the Affordable Care Act, under which individuals turned out to be more costly to care for than the companies expected.”

In 2014, Adam O’Neal of Clear Politics profiled a poll done by a Gallup survey that showed that more consumers stated that Obamacare has hurt them more than helping them.

In that poll, Forty-six percent of Americans think the law will make the U.S. health care system worse in the end. More than one-third thinks it will make things better, and only 15 percent do not believe the law will make much of a difference.

Those views by consumers have proven to be correct as more insurance companies are losing profits and some have suggested, that this is the reason for Obamacare is to take over the entire health care industry.

As a reporter for Red State stated in 2013, “From its inception, the individual and employer mandates got the ink. But it was always the insurance mandates that were key to Obamacare’s main objective: To kill the private insurance industry in order to make a single-payer, i.e. socialized medicine, system inevitable.”

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