Obama: Wrong to say ‘all lives matter’

obama-blmWhile America was focused on the Benghazi hearings, President Obama was busy telling us why it’s now wrong to say that all lives matter.

Apparently, it’s all about “history,” meaning of course, slavery.  And, he said, it’s generally understood.  Right.  Which is probably why Black Lives Matter supporters are frequently heard calling for the death of cops and white people…

“I think that the reason that the organizers used the phrase Black Lives Matter was not because they were suggesting that no one else’s lives matter … rather what they were suggesting was there is a specific problem that is happening in the African American community that’s not happening in other communities,” he said. “And that is a legitimate issue that we’ve got to address.”

The Washington Post added:

Obama didn’t say much that hasn’t been said by others. But the fact that he saw fit to weigh in on the matter, without a question or a direct prompt, is perhaps what’s most notable here.

Obama is nearing the twilight of his presidency. And it’s increasingly clear that the frequency of stories about race-related violence and questions about police misconduct makes it difficult to remain silent.

It’s really not surprising he would weigh in like this.  From the beginning, Obama has sought to divide the country every chance he can get.  This is just the latest effort.

Video can be seen below:

H/T The Right Scoop


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