Obama Tries To Buy 2016 Election

While other conservative writers are gleeful and rejoicing that the mandate has been delayed, saying that it proves the mandate is unwieldy.  Don’t these people know anything about Obama yet?  Do they really believe he is doing it because business owners are concerned?  Can they really be that stupid?  This is about 2014 not the mandate.

Democrats have been very worried about the number of jobs that will be lost and all the people whose hours would have been cut and their effect on the 2014 election.  The senate is within the outstretched hands of conservatives.  The biggest thing we had going was the pain that will be caused by the employer mandate.  People vote differently when it’s their paycheck at risk.

In the closer races, this will be enough to turn the tide unless something else falls into place.  In January of 2014, it would have been mayhem.  Up to 1/2 million jobs could have been lost and a couple of million could have seen their hours cut while they still would have to buy insurance.  There are still parts of Obamacare that will hurt but this is the part that would have put a huge dent in the average worker’s paycheck.

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Face it, we’ve been conned again.



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