Obama Transportation Secretary: Inequitable distribution of sidewalks obstacle to American dream

sidewalkIf it’s a day ending in “y,” then there’s a good chance that a liberal in the Obama regime is going to say something stupid.  That was the case Tuesday when Obama Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx told an audience in North Carolina that inequitable distribution of sidewalks are an obstacle to the American dream.


CNS News reported:

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx told a crowd in North Carolina Tuesday that “only 49% of low-income neighborhoods have sidewalks” while more affluent areas have near 90%. In order to have a society where “everyone has a shot at the American Dream, than it’s imperative that we acknowledge these challenges.”

Foxx made the comments to the Charlotte Rotary Club where he discussed the ways that infrastructure should connect people to opportunity.

Foxx made his “case” with a map of Atlanta that showed areas of pedestrian and bicycle accidents.

“The grey areas represent communities of concentrated poverty. This is representative of what’s occurring nationally, which is not surprising, because only 49% of low-income neighborhoods have sidewalks. In high-income areas the number is closer to 90%,” he said.  “So, if we want a society in which everyone has a shot at the American dream, than it is imperative that we acknowledge these challenges.”

Let’s see, I grew up on a farm and we didn’t have sidewalks.  I’ve also lived much of my life in rural areas that didn’t have sidewalks.  According to Foxx’s “logic,” I didn’t have access to the American dream…

Odd, though, I was still able to go to school, learn a trade and get a job.  Wonder how that happened?  Oh, yeah, it’s called “work,” something that liberals like Foxx apparently don’t understand.

But this is the kind of nonsense you can expect from radical left-wing utopians…


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