Obama to reveal how many nukes US has, what steps military taking to protect them

Barack_Obama_signs_HR_3630Call it fundamental transformation.  On Friday, President Obama announced that he would reveal to the whole world how many nuclear weapons the United States has in its inventory.

Worse yet, he also said the military would announce the steps it is taking to protect those weapons.

The response was pretty much what you’d expect:


It’s beyond irresponsible.

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No, it isn’t.  Here’s a report from WBSM (Emphasis added):

Addressing world leaders at the nuclear security summit in Washington, DC today, Obama said we have “measurably reduced the risk” of terrorists obtaining nuclear material, but we cannot be complacent.

Obama announced that 102 nations have ratified a treaty on protection of nuclear material.

The President also announced that for the first time the U.S. will provide a public inventory of its nuclear stockpile. (Metro News Networks)

That’s not all.  According to an ABC News report, Obama thinks the Iran nuke deal is “a success of diplomacy that hopefully we will be able to copy in the future.”

What’s next?  Will he give Iran the codes needed to use them?  Maybe have military advisers teach terrorists how to use them?

Who knows?

In my view, this is nothing short of betrayal.  But of course, nothing will be done.


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