Obama Says We Can’t Defeat ISIS With Guns…Must Use Ideas…WTH?

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Barack Obama has laid out his strategy against ISIS.  Weapons won’t work, so we’ll use ideas.  He may be onto something big here.  Look what his ideas have done to America and we are much bigger than ISIS.  We know from Marie Harf that one of those ideas are jobs.  Obama plans to create jobs for ISIS fighters? Look how well it’s worked here.  Nearly 93 million people not in the work force.  The highest number in 38 years.  That’s before the two income family became popular.

The only real specific Obama got into was that we would combat ISIS’ online propaganda with posts of our own.  Those WH hashtags are deadly.

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We could always try midnight basketball.  Hey, I’ve got it.  We could send Rachel Dolezal over there and maybe she can become the head Muslim.  No, even they have standards.  What if we were to send Black Lives Matter and Media matters over there?  Later we could expand by sending CNN and MSNBC.  And if things got really desperate we could send in our secret weapon, Lena Dunham.

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