Obama regime censors ‘Islamist terrorism’ from comments made by French president

hollande-censoredNot only will the Obama regime not use the phrase “Islamist terrorism,” it apparently won’t stand for anyone else to, either.

On Friday, MRC reported that a video of comments made by French President Francois Hollande was censored to remove the the phrase from his comments.

MRC reported:

The White House briefly pulled video of a press event on terrorism with Pres. Obama, and when it reappeared on the WhiteHouse.gov website and YouTube, the audio of Hollande’s translator goes silent, beginning with the words “Islamist terrorism,” then begins again at the end of his sentence.

Even the audio of Hollande saying the words “Islamist terrorism” in French have, apparently, been edited from the video.

The official White House transcript shows the phrase was used:

Europe has been hit more, given that it is also the target of the terrorists and ISIS.  We’ve seen it in Paris last year, as well as in Brussels.  And together with President Obama, we worked on coordinating further our commitments, our organizations, our services when it comes to fighting against these terrorists.  We are also making sure that between Europe and the United States there can be a very high level coordination.

But we’re also well aware that the roots of terrorism, Islamist terrorism, is in Syria and in Iraq.  We therefore have to act both in Syria and in Iraq, and this is what we’re doing within the framework of the coalition.  And we note that Daesh is losing ground thanks to the strikes we’ve been able to launch with the coalition.  We are continuing to support Iraq.  This is also a decision we have taken, supporting the Iraqi government and making sure that they can claim back their entire territory, including Mosul.

But as you can see in the video, courtesy of MRC, the audio of the comment was removed:

Not only that, but, MRC added, it’s “the only point in the video were the audio is absent.”

Craig Bannister added:

Pres. Obama has come under fire from Republicans for his refusal to say “radical Islam” when discussing terrorism and, again yesterday, he declined to do so.

Obama made three vague mentions of terrorism, citing the “hands of terrorism,” the “scourge of terrorism,” and “counterterrorism” in Thursday’s press event.

It’s enough to make you wonder whose side the administration is on…

Update: The White House now says a technical problem caused the audio to drop and the video now includes the key phrase uttered by the French president.  More here.


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