Obama’s race baiting lecture at the Dallas memorial worthy of rotten tomatoes

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Obama embarrasses America with cheap performance at Dallas memorial

Today, President Barack Obama should be considered the luckiest man in the United States. No one heckled him as he spoke at the memorial service for the slain police officers in Dallas. No one threw rotten tomatoes at him or stormed the podium as he openly spewed racial barbs and admonished Americans for being racially biased. His speech, today, had to be the most egregious and insulting display ever by the race-baiter-in-chief. Rivaled by none. He put Sharpton and Jackson to shame in their abilities to divide a nation and its people. And again, he is the luckiest man in the United States in that none of the officers in the room slapped the cuffs on him and hauled him off to jail for intentionally inciting disruptive discourse.

But I guess you have to consider the source, from whom this kind of race-baiting speech comes, and the dignity of the audience to which it was delivered. Even faced with profound disparagement, the officers, and other mourners, behaved with class and integrity. But the rest of the country is gonna be hopping mad when they see this video.

The Gateway Pundit noted how he made use of the captive audience to advance racist martyrs:

The deceased officers were veterans and fathers: From top left clockwise, Brent Thompson, Patrick Zamarripa, Michael Krol, Lorne Ahrens and Michael J. Smith.

Obama went off on a history lecture of racism in America. He included mentions of Alton Sterling (twice) and Philando Castile (twice). He even mentioned poor black children in hoodies – a reference to Trayvon Martin.

Twitchy noted the lack of applause from police officers during his diatribe.


Shameful doesn’t begin to cover it folks. We have six more months of this [email protected]$$ and his embarrassing, insulting, and humiliating exploits. Hopefully there will be no more memorials for fallen heroes, and only a celebration of a nation that anxiously awaits the exit of the greatest racial divider this nation has ever seen.


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Lisa Payne-Naeger

Former elected school board member, turned homeschool mom, turned CONSERVATIVE political activist. Trying to spread the word of truth, in "new" media and drag the culture back to common sense.

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