Obama needs to keep his nose and our country out of Syria

SyraiJust as I predicted in an Op-ed from a few days ago, Barack HUSSEIN Obama has decided to officially side with the Syrian rebels…the badder guys in the battle between the bad vs. the badder…and he will now be sending them weapons…weapons paid for with our taxpayer dollars.

Obama claims his decision to directly arm the rebels came from some serious concerns about the Syrian conflict, including the fact that 90,000+ Syrians have been killed so far, and that the threat the conflict poses to regional stability is grave, for the war in Syria boils down to a war between Sunni Arabs vs. the Iran and Hezbollah backed al-Assad government.

But…and this is a biggie…by arming the rebels Obama is actually arming seasoned al-Qaeda operatives and other islamic militant groups…and that is aiding and abetting America’s enemies…as in grounds for TREASON being leveled against him (that is if anyone in Congress has the guts to do it).

Also, arming the rebels is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from sending our troops in…NOT good…NOT good at all. In fact, Obama is considering contingency plans drawn up by our military that includes placing a limited no-fly zone in parts of Syria close to Jordan, with the purpose being to protect an area inside Jordan that would become a base to train and arm Syrian rebels, and Obama is considering having our troops train those rebels…thus having our men and women in uniform work directly with rebels tied to al-Qaeda…something I don’t think they’d be too happy about.

And according to White House Deputy National Security Adviser Benjamin Rhodes, “Suffice it to say, this is going to be different in both scope and scale in terms of what we are providing to the SMC (the opposition Supreme Military Council) than what we have provided before”.

Talk about being NOT good…and also remember that the United States has already given $515 million in humanitarian aid to the rebels…given aid to Sunni rebels who’ve pledged their loyalty to al-Qaeda, and Obama now has our country sharing a goal with Sunni extremist groups that want to replace al-Assad’s secular regime with islamic rule and sharia law.

Shades of Egypt all over again.

And according to a senior foreign policy official, the fact is that CIA and special operations trainers have already been training the rebels on how to use anti-aircraft weapons as well as encrypted communications equipment…equipment currently being supplied by some Persian Gulf Arab nations…nations including Saudi Arabia who financed a large purchase of infantry weapons from Croatia, and Qatar funding the rebels by as much as $3 billion over the first two years of the civil war.

And although Obama has been saying for months that the use of chemical weapons (the very same chemical weapons Sadam Hussein moved to Syria before we went into Iraq…as in GWB was right) would be the ‘red line’ that would have to be crossed to get America involved, and with al-Assad ‘supposedly’ having used them on 125 Syrians, we still have NO definitive proof positive that they were indeed used as the intelligence community (including France and Britain) only concluded with ‘high confidence’…and ‘high confidence’ does NOT proof positive make…that they had been used but used on a very small scale..as Russian officials have called the evidence shared by the US and the intelligence community inconclusive at best.

But even if al-Assad had used chemical weapons (the same sarin gas Sadam used on the Kurds) on his own people that still in NO way justifies us getting involved in an independent country’s civil war…especially with a country that was NEVER an ally or friend to America.

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But NO matter as Obama has already notified Congress, the U(seless) N(ations), and key allies of his conclusion that chemical weapons had been used, and he now intends to authorize the transfer of those weapons to rebel groups under a classified order instructing the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) to arrange NOT only delivery of the weapons but also to teach the rebels how to use them….an action that skirts the War Powers Clause (as he did in Libya) yet again, for sending weapons and instructors to a country engaged in war is indeed getting us involved in that war…and without official Congressional approval.

Again in a word…TREASON.

The Syrian conflict will be one of the main topics of discussion next week when Obama and other world leaders meet for the Group of Eight summit in Northern Ireland. And this should be quite an interesting meeting for what was a Syrian civil war has actually, with Obama now putting our country into the middle of it, become a proxy war pitting the United States and its European and Arab allies on one side vs. Russia and Iran and their allies on the other.

And the loser NO matter who wins in Syria will be Israel for if al-Assad wins he will transfer Iranian-made Fateh-110 missiles to the Shiite Lebanese militia Hezbollah…sworn enemies of Israel…and the rebels will still be in control of certain areas of the country. And with the US then having NO say over al-Assad or the rebels, who after losing to al-Assad will be even more anti-West and anti-American than they already are, will have control of an area directly adjacent to Israel, an area that will be yet another breeding ground for terrorists…terrorists who could make it to our shores.

And if the rebels win, it’s the same thing but with them in control of the entire country…an entire country hating Israel even more than they already do and right on their border to boot, turning the entire Middle East into a powder keg ready to explode if Israel so much as breathes.

So Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s decision to arm al-Qaeda loyal Syrian rebels while here at home trying to disarm ‘We the People’ kind of makes one wonder what his true objective in arming the rebels really is…and rest assured it will NOT be good for America, ‘We the People’ or for Israel.


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