Obama misfires during CNN Town Hall on guns

obama-avoidAfter having his gun control policies ripped by two women and an Arizona sheriff during CNN’s Town Hall Guns in America program, President Barack Obama hours later had another strike against him when a new Rasmussen survey revealed that a majority of likely U.S. voters don’t approve of his executive action on guns.

According to Rasmussen, 58 percent of voters say the government “should only do what the president and Congress agree on when it comes to gun control.” The survey was taken Jan. 6-7 from 1,000 likely voters. Only 21 percent believe Obama’s executive orders will result in a reduction of mass shootings in America. More than twice as many think they will have no impact at all.

Obama’s evening began with comments from two women, including Taya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle, whose story was told in the film American Sniper. Kyle told the president that that the nation is experiencing an all-time low murder rate and an all-time high in gun ownership. And she also said rhetoric about background checks “seems like almost a false sense of hope.”

“And I understand that background checks aren’t going to necessarily stop me from getting a gun,” she said, “but I also know that they wouldn’t have stopped any of the people in this room from killing and so it seems almost like a false sense of hope.”

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Rape survivor Kimberly Coban said her attitude about gun ownership has changed, and she feels far safer with a gun, especially now that she has two small children to protect.

It was powerful television, with the president acting very subdued throughout their comments and questions.

Then Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu told the president that none of the policies he supports would have prevented any of the crimes being used to justify the new gun control effort.

Obama had to acknowledge that the low murder and violent crime rates are “something we don’t celebrate enough.” He took a swipe at television news by noting that, “You wouldn’t know it by watching television.” But while observing that most cities are much safer than they were ten or 20 years ago, he challenged the notion that the reason for that is more gun ownership.

The bottom line is that nobody’s mind seems to have been changed, and while everyone was well behaved during the hour-plus meeting, there was no evidence of a “meeting of the minds”

H/T Seattle Gun Rights Examiner


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