Obama Made Dreamers Eligible For Federal Giveaways and Large Tax Refunds

Liberals claim that so-called “Dreamers” are not a burden on the economy or the budget, but that’s not quite true.  It is true they are not eligible for food stamps or welfare, but they definitely are eligible for major benefits, especially huge tax refunds — even though they may have paid no taxes.

The reason is that Obama made them eligible for Social Security numbers that allows them to collect disability and SSI benefits.  But maybe the most valuable benefit they get is tax refunds.  Let’s say a Dreamer has four children.  The Dreamer would get $1,000 dollars apiece for each child and an Earned Income Credit that could amount to $6,269.  That means the Dreamer could add up to $10,629 a year, every year.

According to the Daily Caller, which performed a fact-check on the subject:

Illegal immigrants are ineligible for most public benefits according to federal law, including means-tested programs like Medicaid, food stamps and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Notable exceptions include emergency medical care and federal disaster relief.

But DACA allows recipients to apply for social security numbers, which are required to claim the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), a major tax benefit for lower-income earners. The program allows recipients to participate in Social Security and Medicare as well, but they generally cannot receive benefits until retirement age.

Generally speaking, DACA recipients are still ineligible for many forms of public assistance. Nonetheless, the program does expand access to some federal benefits.

There is another major problem with Dreamers inasmuch as they can get a driver’s license using their Social Security card and can register to vote using just their SS card.  It is also almost impossible to catch them if they vote illegally.  There are at least 800,000 Dreamers.  You do the math.

In New York state, they grant benefits to eligible Dreamers:

What public benefits are non-citizens with deferred action eligible for in New York?

Non-citizens granted deferred action are considered “permanently residing under color of law” (PRUCOL) and are eligible for all state funded benefits, including Medicaid, Family Health Plus, the Family Planning Program and for cash assistance (welfare) through the Safety Net program.

Once an individual can provide proof that a request for deferred action has been filed, (s)he is eligible to apply for New York’s medical health insurance benefits even before a decision is made by USCIS. To be eligible for cash assistance, however, the person must wait until USCIS actually approves the request for deferred action. It should be kept in mind, though, that the receipt of cash assistance, unlike medical assistance, can raise public charge concerns if the individual at some later date becomes eligible to apply for permanent resident status.

Non-citizens with deferred action are not eligible for any federal public benefit, including federal financial aid, food stamps, housing subsidies, and the Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan Program. They will not be eligible to purchase health insurance through the federal Healthcare Exchange when that becomes operational in 2014.

No wonder so many illegals come into the country.  It’s like waking up in the morning with a money tree in the front yard.


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