Obama Joins Lawsuit to Allow Boys to Use Girl’s Bathroom

coed bathroomThe Obama caliphate has taken sides in a Virginia court case over whether boys have the right to use the girl’s restroom.  The regime has filed a “friend of the court” brief, voicing it’s support for allowing boys into the girl’s restroom in Gloucester Country, Virginia.  The president’s own two kids attend the Sidwell Friends School, which does not allow that practice.  Elitists are always pushing an agenda they know will never affect them.  In this particular case, the little boy is sixteen years old and claims the right to use the girl’s bathroom under the 1972 federal law banning discrimination in education.

When I was sixteen, I would have loved to use the girl’s restroom for reasons that lead me to oppose such an infringement on the privacy of young girls.  Do these girls have no rights?  Can one boy negate the privacy rights for hundreds of girls?  How did we get here?  Simple.  Low information voters sent Obama to the White House twice.  The leftists in this country, like dictators in other dictatorships, know that to fully enslave a population, you must destroy religion and religious freedom.

Think about this for a moment if you would.  Atheists sue to have Christmas displays on local, state and federal properties on the premise that it promotes a religion and therefore is unconstitutional.  However, wouldn’t removing these objects be promoting the religion of Atheism?  Would that not, too, be unconstitutional?  You show me someone who says prayer is not needed in public school and I will show you someone who has never had to take a quantum physics final exam.

The next question is why do parents fight so hard for their child to be different, with some cross dressing their children as early as five?  The left points to studies showing that people who identify with the opposite sex have a suicide rate higher than the general public.  What they fail to say is that individuals who have their bodies altered to the opposite sex have a suicide rate that is even higher.

With the economy tanking, lack of jobs, a rising crime rate and a myriad of problems created by regulations regurgitated by the Obama caliphate, you would think they could make better use of their time than to support the revocation of the right of privacy to our young women.


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